Published Monday, October 31, A.D. 2016 | By Donald R. McClarey

The Lutheran Satire explains the Reformation or rather Reformations. Stick around for the ending after the credits.

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2 comments on “Reformations

  1. This video could have gone on to point out that there are now about 40,000 separate Protestant denominations, all of whom differ from each other about some or many doctrinal issues. Some believe in sacraments, some don’t. Some believe in divorce, some don’t. Some believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, some don’t. Some believe in abortion, some don’t etc etc etc etc etc.
    What a joke!
    Once men started to split from the One Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ they didn’t just start one separated denomination, they in fact began the road of split after split after split.
    It must be so embarrassing to be a Protestant, knowing that your particular denomination is simply one of literally thousands, all of whom have no idea where to get their real authority from.

  2. It’s obvious that the video is a Lutheran apologetic piece. Notice how the other “bad” reformers depart from the vision of their hero Luther. I guess you could say for the video’s makers that it’s not Luther that was wrong, but the “spirit of Lutheranism” (wink). Or maybe there is a “Luther of the media” who is different than the actual Luther. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Isn’t this what Pope Francis meant in Lund when he talked about how Luther was “right” and gave the (c)hurch “gifts”?

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