Mexicans rally for the family

Mexico: Immense pro Family Rally

Mexicans rally for the family

Since May 25, 2016, Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto has been working to generalize civil unions between homosexual persons by reforming the country’s constitution and presenting various bills to the legislature. Until now, even though Mexico City was the first city of Latin America to adopt this sort of legalization (civil unions in 2007, “homosexual marriage” in 2009), the majority of Mexican states (21 out of 31) had not adopted these laws against nature. The reform of the Civil Code and of Article 4 of the Mexican Constitution went to generalize the promotion of a whole series of immoral behaviours.

The measures currently under examination by Parliament go so far as adoption of children by persons of the same sex, the possibility of changing one’s gender without even the authorization of one’s parent of guardian, the reform of school textbooks so that children are taught all possible deviations from the moral law without the possibility of parental opposition, and the establishment of sanctions against those who fight gender ideology.

A National Front of familiies (Frente nacional) has rapidly arisen in the country to unite energies and defend the family. Since the month of May, ongoing petitions, conferences and protests have been held in every city in Mexico. Other than the public squares, protestors gathered in front of the Institutional Revolutionary Party’s offices, party of the current president. This organization is a member of the socialist International, the heir to the National Revolutionary Party founded in 1929 by General Plutarco Elias Calles, who fought against the Cristeros. The National Front has also protested before the diplomatic representatives of Mexico in Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Chili, Salvador, Spain and the USA.

On September 10, 2016, 130 marches were organized throughout the entire country, reassembling over 1.2 million people. The majority of the participants marched dressed in white and praying the rosary. On September 24, an immense protest took place in the streets of the federal capital, with over 400,000 participants. This march for the family and for life received the support of Pope Francis on September 25. He expressed from Rome at the Angelus blessing on St. Peter’s square his union in prayer with the bishop of Mexico in order to “support the efforts of the Church and of civil society for the family and for life, which at this time are drawing the world’s cultural and pastoral attention.

(Sources: Radio Vatican – Cath-info – SSPX District of Mexico – DICI no. 342, dated Oct. 14, 2016)

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  1. [Nonetheless, the new Apostolic Delegate to Mexico, Archbishop Franco Coppola, brings a different (in more than one way) message from Pope Francis on this matter and the Mexican bishops and laity’s way of handling it]

    From: Catholic News Service Despite echoing pope, nuncio’s comments on violence cause stir in Mexico, BY DAVID AGREN ON 10/27/2016

    Mexico’s bishops have spoken out strongly in recent months on social matters, however. The bishops’ conference blessed pro-family marches organized by lay Catholics and evangelicals to oppose a proposal from Pena Nieto to enshrine same-sex marriage in the constitution.

    Archbishop Coppola, who arrived in Mexico after serving as nuncio in the Central African Republic, opined that there should be “a Mexican way” on the issue. He later posted on his Facebook page comments made by Pope Francis as the pontiff returned from Azerbaijan, in which he said gay and transgender people deserve proper pastoral attention.

    Some church observers interpreted the nuncio’s comments as a signal that he wanted to take a less confrontational approach on an issue that has mobilized conservative Catholics and has seen the president’s own party, which lost big in local elections, postpone any discussions in Congress on same-sex marriage.

    “By quoting Francis, he is reinforcing the notion that he will prioritize Francis’ approach,” Soriano said. “He is not calling for war, legislative or otherwise.”

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