Only Clinton can heal this country after the Nov. 8 election

Only Clinton can heal this country after the Nov. 8 election

[Hat-tip to Canon212: “Hoboken priest endorses pro-death Hillary in local Gannett paper, doesn’t even bother with NeverTrump hypocrisy”; he has an effeminist (male feminist) attitude toward her, saying in effect, “Only a woman can do that”]

Jersey Journal Guest Columnist
October 20, 2016
By REV. ALEXANDER SANTORA, pastor of Our Lady of Grace and St. Joseph, 400 Willow Ave., Hoboken, New Jersey.

I voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary because even without her stint at Secretary of State, she had more experience than Barack Obama. More importantly, as a senator she reached across the aisle, virtually extinct today, and earned her political stripes. It was also about time for a woman to become the President of the U.S.

Eight years later, while breaking that glass ceiling seems less potent politically, it is definitely the right time for a woman to lead this country. After one of the most acrimonious and insulting campaigns in modern history, it may only be a woman who can reach out to those disaffected and disenchanted Americans and make them feel that they have not been forgotten.

While I thought that Donald Trump would never win the Republican nomination, it is probably good that he did. He has coalesced in one persona all the prejudice, hatred and anger that exist in our country. And before those concerns can be addressed in an unprecedented way, they have to be named and addressed in a systematic way.

His anti-everything campaign knows no bounds. This has been dissected countless times by the mainstream press. But his lashing out at Clinton by criminalizing her campaign and person, alleging that there is a collusion between the mainstream press and the Clinton campaign and speculating that the election may be rigged, makes it tougher for Clinton to govern and lead.

More than that, Trump has given license for people to say vile things about other Americans they disagree with and even justify acting out. In the last debate, Trump could not even say he would accept the election results.

Trump’s narcissism allows him to make everything revolve around himself. He even refers to himself in the third person. And his legions of fans, uninformed about the mediocre businessman he is and responding to him like the reality television star he is, make his campaign more entertaining than substantive. It is irrelevant to his fans – supporters — that he knows little about government and governing. With Trump, it’s the silly putty approach – he’ll mouth the last campaign adviser that speaks to him.

A woman can begin to undo this. And Carol Gilligan’s “In A Different Voice: Psychological Theology and Women’s Development,” reissued this year by Harvard University Press after 34 years, came out at just the right time.

Reacting to the male prejudice in educational research, Gilligan challenged male subjects speaking for the female. She came up with a dichotomy that reveals while men can be hierarchical and dismissive to stay on top, women tend to be inclusive and widen the circle. “I reframe women’s psychological development as centering on a struggle for connection rather than speaking about women in the way that psychologists have spoken about women – as having a problem in achieving separation.”

In the second, town hall style debate on October 9, Clinton walked and faced each questioner in the hall as she answered. Trump not only did not do that, he could not sit or stand still and seemed to be stalking Clinton as if to control her. Trump is all about domination; Clinton showed empathy and leadership by connecting. When Clinton brags about becoming the President for all people, it is believable. Trump speaks to people who are anti-establishment and has shown that he cannot rise above the base he has nurtured and won over.

Which qualities the country will need after November 8th are evident and Clinton has them. She has to spend time listening and talking to the Rust Belt unemployed and show them how she will attract new businesses to their communities. Immigrants have boosted our economy and are more law abiding than Trump describes them. She has to reassure the country that Muslim-Americans are U.S. citizens and entitled to all the freedoms people enjoy under our Constitution. Clinton can defuse the tension between Blacks and law enforcement by giving incentives for community programs and enlisting more minorities to enter law enforcement.

Like her listening tour around all of New York State when she was first elected senator, she can travel to those parts of the country where she did not do well in this election and show them that a woman has all the right stuff. The traditional titles that go with her position will be overshadowed in the short term and perhaps over one full term as “Listener in Chief.” Hillary is better poised to heal the hurts of the American people precisely because she is a woman and at the right time in our nation’s history.

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17 comments on “Only Clinton can heal this country after the Nov. 8 election

  1. “When Clinton brags about becoming the President for all people, it is believable. ”

    All people who don’t mind being dead! Actually that is appropriate considering the numbers of the dead who will vote for her.

    Donald Trump, president of the living.

    Hillary Clinton, president of the dead.

    In Xto,

  2. Just looked him up. His parish bulletin describes him as having several “prestigious” university degrees and has been an adviser to the Jersey City Board of Education. In other words, part of the Democrat machinery.

    Baby-killing supporting priest. Deserves to be butchered slowly, just as Hillary advocates the butchering of babies by partial birth abortion.

  3. Tom on October 23, 2016 at 5:42 AM said:

    Hillary as ladies’ fashion leader. Who knew?

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes the stage for the third presidential debate at University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016.

    [Hat-tip to Canon212: “Communist chic”]

    By Wesley Pruden – The Washington Times – Thursday, October 20, 2016

    Nobody has accused Hillary Clinton of setting an example of how to dress for success, and certainly not for fun. She’s clearly no Melania Trump. But she may be assisting the Chinese in bringing back “the Mao suit.” She probably shouldn’t expect a standing ovation from men.

    That should suit her, so to speak, just fine. She often echoes the feminist line that women shouldn’t have to bear men looking at them. Who can see a brilliant mind under a tunic buttoned to the chin, accompanied by baggy pants that might hide who knows what.
    The Mao suit, or what the Chinese call “the Zhongshan suit,” was originally meant to cover “the classless society,” and it makes a comeback from time to time in China. Hillary’s Mao suit, though modified, does not hide or disguise its origins. It looks like it was designed in New York or even Paris (meaning it probably costs a lot, despite the cut of its jib), but it’s still a Mao suit, so far without the winter quilt effect once fashionable in Tiananmen Square (without the tanks).

    When Chinese President Xi Jinping was guest of honor at a state dinner in the Netherlands he wore what the state-run China Daily called “an elegant dark-blue Mao suit,” and gushed that “Zhongshan suit makes a comeback.” One commentator said it was a sign of “national authority, national pride and national ritual.” That was a decade and more ago, but time moves slowly in the Ancient Kingdom. Hillary and her dressmaker couldn’t have imagined it better.

    The prosperous young in China don’t want to have anything to do with the campaign to bring back the Mao suit, though if Hillary is elected president of the United States they might change their minds. Aping American fads and fashions is a worldwide obsession. Mao suits are available on the internet for $149.95. Hillary’s probably cost more than that, though who could tell?

    The suit became sort of fashionable among the left-wing intellectuals in the ‘60s and ‘70s, when Marxism was in flower, and after the horrors of the Cultural Revolution came to light Hollywood made the Mao suit infamous in the James Bond movies, particularly with Ernst Stavro Blofield, a caricature of evil. He, too, craved to dominate everyone.

    When Mao took over China in 1949 he prescribed the Mao suit as an alternative to both the Western business suit and the Manchu robe, each with wasteful or feudalistic connotations. The Mao suit was utilitarian. Nearly everyone could afford one, and the cut disguised any hint of what lay beneath. No sex, please, not anymore. Hasn’t China had enough of that? The suit came in pale blue, green and gray. Chairman Mao’s usually had four pockets, representing the four cardinal principles of the Chinese Book of Changes: Propriety, justice, honesty and a sense of shame. Not exactly a suit for Hillary, one might say.

    Still, everyone had to wear one to avoid standing out in the crowd, and in China, a crowd was really a crowd. It became the uniform of the Red Guards, who set out to destroy ancient and classic Chinese culture, and made a lot of headway. If they knew what was good for them, men and women dressed to be serviceable and sexless, making the world safe for feminists. Perhaps this was the rough inspiration for the slob look that eventually became the norm in much of the West, as any frequent flier could tell you.

    Mao imagined that his prescribed dress would introduce the classless society, but even he couldn’t eliminate the notion that rank has its privileges. The peons got a Mao suit of rough and coarse cotton, which gave them the pleasure of scratching. Peons didn’t get much else. Middle managers got polyester, surely more punishment than reward, and the top of the line party executives got a luxurious wool.

    After Mao died in 1976 the appeal of the Mao suit began to fade, though not everywhere. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York mounted an exhibition of what it called “Western fantasies about China through fashion.” The Mao jacket, the curator told The Washington Post, was “the last sartorial symbol of China. Subsequently, no other item of clothing screams China.”

    Hillary’s pants suits sometimes scream, too, particularly when she marches stiffly into a room, or on to a debate stage. Nevertheless, she may rescue the Mao suit a second time, and give it legs — thick, sturdy legs to take it to unimagined heights of fashion. That’s only if she wins. If the Donald prevails — the post-debate polls suggest he’s not done yet — the Melania look is likely to prevail. She would look good even in a pantsuit.

    Captain Kirk: Mister Spock! Hillary Clinton healing the country with her Communist chic fashion statements… analyze using your usual superior Vulcan logic which we no longer actually call “superior” so as not to be accused of excessive rigidity or neo-Pelagian triumphalism by progressive modernists and secular liberals multiculturalists who disparage Aristotelian logic…

    Spock: Fascinating, Captain. Madam Clinton’s look which combines the Communist fashion of Chairman Mao with the icy Münchhausen-by-proxy passive-aggression of Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest should impress Cultural Marxists while instilling fear in children and normal heterosexual men who value their manhood.

    Nurse Ratched: I’d like to know what you mean by that remark, Mister Spock.

    Captain Kirk: But won’t that come across as too Orwellian, Mister Spock? Won’t a butch Nurse Ratched in a jumpsuit be counterproductive to healing the planet?

    Master Po: What is troubling you, Grasshopper?

    Kwai Chang: The butch lesbo Alinskyite dressed like Chairman Mao who is running for president of the United States looks quite disturbing, Master. I am frightened. Have nearly half of all Americans lost their mind, Master?

    Master Po: Perhaps Chairman Mao has been sent back for the cycle of rebirth, Grasshopper.

    Kwai Chang: And for his karma Chairman Mao has been incarnated as an infanticidal sociopathic Marxist lesbian married to a carnival-barking hillbilly rapist shakedown artist?

    Master Po: The cycle of maya, samsara, and karma can take many strange turns, Grasshopper.

    Robin: Gosh, Batman, why do liberal perverts love abortion so much?

    Batman: Well, Robin, liberal perverts are usually wrestling with deep issues of anger. Anger at God, anger at their parents, anger at normal married people. Lots of anger directed at normal people. Perhaps they love supporting abortion because having children is one of the most normal things a human being can do.

    Robin: Gosh, Batman, is it normal for a woman to dress like Chairman Mao?

    Batman: No comment.
    Let me just say that liberal perverts are prone to do strange things.

    Captain Oveur: They sure do.
    You like sports, don’t you, Joey?

    Joey: Yeah, I guess so.

    Captain Oveur: Well, tell me, Joey, are there any gym teachers, PhysEd teachers, or coaches at school who spend too much time checking the shower areas in the locker room staring at the bodies of students too long? Any teachers who like to play doctor? Any who slap kids on the butt with towels rolled into rat-tails?

    Joey: Well, now that you mention it…

    • Who wears it better?

      Hillary or Mao?

      James Bond’s Blofeld or Hillary?

      North Korea’s Kim, Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil or Hillary?

    • Melania Trump in a fuschia jumpsuit:


      Hillary Clinton in an orange jumpsuit (Rehearsing for a future role after the Donald is elected POTUS?):


    • Wesley Pruden says:

      [S]he [Hillary] may rescue the Mao suit a second time, and give it legs — thick, sturdy legs to take it to unimagined heights of fashion. That’s only if she wins. If the Donald prevails — the post-debate polls suggest he’s not done yet — the Melania look is likely to prevail. She would look good even in a pantsuit.

      They both wore jumpsuits designed by Ralph Lauren at the third debate, but vive la difference (besides the color and style):



  4. Number 2: What do you think of Madam Clinton’s Chairman Mao look, Doctor Evil?

    Dr. Evil: Her figure is not exactly complimented by Illuminati fashions or the SPECTRE Nehru jacket look.

    Dr. Evil: How much was the fashion consultant paid? Does anyone know?

    Bond: Perhaps she needs to work out more or go on a diet.
    She could never get away with madras pajama trousers with that jacket.

    Blofeld: Perhaps a different woman is needed for that outfit.

    Dr. No: Now there’s an idea.

    Bond: One that could upset the Alinskyite dialectic. Which woman did you have in mind for that outfit, Dr. Evil?

    Dr. Evil: Perhaps on…Me-la-ni-a Trump?

  5. Küng Fu: Modernism the Legend Continues

    Master Po: Something is troubling you, Grasshopper. You must tell me what it is so that I can be of service to you with more Zen questions.

    Kwai Chang: I am concerned that you are hiding your joy, Master, and that this is caused by your pride and excessive rigidity. In fact, it concerns me very much.

    Master Po: This back-talking and insolence concerns me, Grasshopper. How dare you address your teacher in such a manner!

    Kwai Chang: But I am concerned for you, Master, that your excessive rigidity and pride are so strong that these are signs of neo-Pelagian triumphalism which will prevent you from healing the planet with a tolerant mind open to freedom of conscience and allowing each person to pursue his or her own idea of the good with the liberty of Situation Ethics. In fact, your pride and excessive rigidity may be so great that we will have to force you to be ridiculed and scolded by modernist bloggers who experience a thrill from zealous and self-righteous scolding to an abnormal degree.

    Master Po: I am truly puzzled by this attitude, Grasshopper. I had no idea that you were harboring passive-aggressive resentment at what you falsely perceive as excessive rigidity and pride in your teacher who is your superior.

    Kwai Chang: No, Master, I cannot allow you to play the superiority game any longer.
    You must stop hiding your joy and prove that you are experiencing joyfulness as a fruit of the spirit. If you do not submit, you will have to be scolded some more by joyful modernists who can cure you of your Jansenism by scolding you endlessly in moralizing sermons.

    Mike Brady: That’s it, Carol! All this time Jan’s been moping around the house, worrying about her hair, and buying crazy wigs, like she needed to read Erich Fromm. Maybe Jan is just a closet Jansenist who is hiding her joy. She needs to get scolded by some modernists who show their joy by scolding people all the time!

    Carol: Well, Mike, if you think that will help. I’m just worried about all this scolding that joyful people engage in to prove they have joy as a gift of the spirit.
    Maybe Jan just needs to roll around on the floor and start shouting and yelling nonsense noises.

    Mike Brady Primal scream therapy? Yeah…maybe that will shock her back into saying “yes” to life like the rest of the kids. Something better work. We can’t have a sour-faced Jansenist hiding her joy during our vacation to Hawaii!

    Dylan: It’s not really my business, but maybe Jan just needs to get high and express her bourgeois suburban alienation creatively by reading Beatnik poetry?

    Enik: Mr. Rick Marshall, you are a man of reason and science. Who is this Erich Fromm?

    • Bob Dylan: Everybody must get stoned.

      • Master Po: Grasshopper, do you not see where this childish whining about excessive rigidity is leading?

        Kwai Chang: But I do not wish to see you persist in hiding your joy, Master. This will just subject you to endless scolding by joyful modernists who experience joy by scolding others with paternalistic condescension.

        Master Po: Stop this insolence at once, Grasshopper. You must recognize my superior status as your teacher and submit to my authority without question!

        Dylan: Chill out, man! Maybe if Jan and Master Po just get high they can find their joy and display joyfulness to satisfy these scolding modernist bloggers that they’re no longer stuck in pride and excessive rigidity!

        Mike Brady: Sure, that’s it, Carol! Jan just needs to score some weed at school to lighten her mood.

        Carol: Mike!

        Jan Brady: OK. Maybe that will work.

        Marcia: Doug Simpson? This is Marcia Brady from our Social Studies class at school. Well, I’m calling because Jan needs some weed so she can mellow out like Bob Dylan….

        Enik: Mr. Rick Marshall, you are a man of reason and science. What is this ‘weed’ of which Bob Dylan speaks?

  6. Master Po: What else is troubling you , Grasshopper? Surely there must be something more than my alleged pride and excessive rigidity hiding my joy which require scolding by joyful modernists.

    Kwai Chang: I am also wondering why you have not told me my Enneagram number yet, Master.

    Master Po: I have not told you your Enneagram number because you are not ready for this yet and I enjoy holding power over you with the New Age fads of mystical and esoteric

    Kwai Chang: You see, Master, this is another example of your passive-aggressive bullying, and of your pride, excessive rigidity, and clericalism. Not only do you hide your joy but you are hiding it behind gnostic mystification and New Age psychobabble. Using the threat of my Enneagram number as a carrot and stick to keep me enslaved to your endless head games.

    Dylan: Your learnin’, Grasshopper. Speak truth to power, man!

    Mike Brady: Maybe that’s it, Carol. Jan needs to find out what her Enneagram number is.

    Carol: Are you sure about that, Mike? Those weekend Enneagram seminars cost four hundred dollars.

    Mike: Well, she’ll just have get a part-time job. Besides, it will help her self-esteem while she’s being scolded by joyful modernists for being a Jansenist.

  7. Mike Brady: Well, Carol, let’s think this through carefully. If we can manage to get Jan to stop hiding her joy, what would be a few ways that Jan could show her joy sufficiently to prove to modernists that she was receiving the gift of joyfulness as a fruit of the spirit so that they would stop scolding her?

    Carol: Well, she could read Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving

    Alice: That’s a great idea, Mrs. Brady!

    Mike Or Jonathan Livingston Seagull!

    Carol: Now that’s an idea!

    Mike: But who’s that other couple in our bedroom?

    Peter Brady: Guess what, everybody…Jan’s not a Jansenist anymore. She stopped hiding her joy!

  8. Pope: I have long admired your work, Bob.

    Bob: I’m just worried about how Jan Brady’s handling the bourgeois suburban alienation.

    Bob: Put a call through to the Brady house. Jan’s in trouble. We need to help her mellow out so she stops hiding her joy.

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