New Jesuit Superior General – a Marxist Revolutionary. Surely, you weren’t surprised …

New Jesuit Superior General – a Marxist Revolutionary. Surely, you weren’t surprised …

Posted by Vox Cantoris at Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Father Arturo Sosa Abascal

Rorate has the exclusive insight from one who knows him:

This man who has worked very hard all his life to re-interpret Christianity from a Marxist viewpoint, who has done not only “theoretical” work, but direct Revolutionary work, is the one that the Jesuits now have elected as their General. Perhaps the growing revolutionary moment in Colombia, checked by the population itself in the referendum that voted down Marxist demands that would have been inserted in their own Constitution — and for which their president won, unsurprisingly, the Nobel Peace Prize), demands that. But one still remains mystified: what is it that the revolutionary are after, still? In Venezuela they have systematically destroyed the productive infrastructure, agriculture, industry, public administration, the courts, hospitals, schools, even the energy industry that supports the country; they have killed thousands of people, they have the country at the edge of disastrous famine never before seen in such scale in the Americas. What is it that they are after? Probably the only explanation is the utter destruction of God’s world in order to build “a New World” in history. May God protect us from the revolutionary underworld. May God convert the hearts and open the eyes of his people. And, above all, may Christ protect His Church.

Let us see in this the work of God. He is permitting this in order to speed His rescue. The election of Bergoglio may have been a diabolical act, but a diabolical act permitted by God in order to bring about true renewal which can only be through true restoration.

Something evil is coming our way. Out of it, we will, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, triumph because He already has.

Keep the faith and get ready; 2017 beckons, indeed, it is already here.

In the end ..


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