The “conservatives” [i.e., neo-Catholics] will save us!

The “conservatives” [i.e., neo-Catholics] will save us!

OCT 17, 2016 by HILARY WHITE

From Rorate today, another bishop, in Grenada, Spain has adopted the Buenos Aires directive:

“…on the implementation of chapter VIII of Amoris Laetitia, issued by the bishops of the pastoral region of Buenos Aires. This is especially discouraging as Archbishop Martínez has in the past been known for his courage and orthodoxy.”

I’m afraid I find Rorate’s howling over how “orthodox” he was a little frustrating.

Listen. Get it through your thick little Hobbit-skulls:

No one.

Is coming.

To save us.

There can’t ever be better news than when an enemy of Christ unmasks himself publicly. THE key problem in the Church since 1965 has been confusion, ambiguity, the clouding of issues and the conflating of positions. This bishop is conservative; this one is liberal on some issues… No one has been able to figure out what is going on, so they have been deceived.

This is the end of the deception.

I’ve related many times that about fifteen years ago – in the period in which John Paul II was incapacitated and the ecclesiastical enemies of Catholicism were closing in on the controls – my colleagues and I were discussing how it seemed as though the “sides are lining up.” It was evident then that a great shift was occurring, a kind of ideological troop deployment to key strategic areas.

That was then. This is the time of unmasking. The time of the Great Clarification [see comment below]. If you’re not getting down on your knees every morning and giving thanks to God for putting you in this time – the first time in 50 years when it has been easy to see what is going on and understand it – then you’re doing it wrong. Stop whining and be grateful.

What we have now is the next phase in which the ordinary pew-sitting Catholics, the people like you and me, with no power and no influence, are being forced to choose. The safe and comfortable “conservative” position is gone. Those “conservative” and “liberal” categories have evaporated; there is no more conservative middle ground to stand on. What we have now is a clear choice before us, and we see the various low-level bishops like this chappie here making that choice. I’m always glad when one of them does, and we can thank Pope Francis quite sincerely for providing this demarcation line. Now we know exactly where the line is, and we will see exactly who is on which side of it. Ultimatums are good for everyone, and this pope has provided it.

But the time of peace and ease is gone. The time when we could say that we are “conservative” and by this mean we “accept Vatican II, but…”, that we are good, get-along Catholics who can “find common ground” and rub shoulders with secularists and liberals in a comfy, non-threatening world of happy ecumenical get-togethers over warm milk and cookies.

And we are in a time when keeping the Faith – which includes knowing it – is up to us. We’re it. There isn’t going to be a confrontation between Bergoglianism and Catholicism represented at the highest levels. No bishop is coming to rescue us.

As our buddy Steve [Skojec at 1Peter5] said in his latest podcast: this isn’t the movies. There is no cavalry. The African bishops aren’t coming to save us. The Polish bishops aren’t coming to save us. Cardinal Burke isn’t coming to save us. Cardinal Sarah isn’t coming to save us. Bishop Schneider isn’t coming to save us.

The Last Judgment

The path we’re on leads to Calvary. And it’s the only path we’ve got. Faithfulness to the end.

The other choice is being made manifest to us every day. It’s Christ or Bergoglianism.

Your choice.

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One comment on “The “conservatives” [i.e., neo-Catholics] will save us!

  1. The Great Clarification: time’s up

    APR 07, 2016 by HILARY WHITE

    I’m about to go home for the evening. But I’ll leave you with this thought: Time’s up.

    The Church has had 50 years of utter confusion. This is the time of the Great Clarification. The ones who want to abandon Christ will take this thing as their excuse, as it was intended.

    The ones who love Christ and want to obey him will keep doing that.

    Matthew 25: 31

    “He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.”

    I’m thinking of just calling Francis, “Pope Winnowingfan,” from now on. The “conservative” compromise is over. The space – that has been narrowing for years – between the two agonizing choices for or against Him, has, today, clanged shut. Time’s up.

    [From Pope Francis: The Great Clarifier, by Hilary White (The Remnant, Thursday, November 26, 2015)]

    “I predict that this period in the Church will be called by historians the “great clarification.” After decades of confusion and arguments over this or that interpretation of the outcome of Vatican II, we now see unfolding before us the indisputable results of it. The Church we have now in all its institutions from top to bottom is a product of the neo-modernist incursion that, it can no longer be disputed, became the most important issue in the Church of the late 20th century onwards.

    “The bottom line of all this is that the space in the Church once enjoyed by Traditionalists – or even those who have vaguely traditional-looking leanings – is now being closed. As is the little no-man’s land that is called “conservative” in the US. The administration in Rome are making it clear that there is only one way to be a Catholic that will be tolerated.

    “The Francis Vatican is certainly going out of its way to make it clear what sort of Catholic is welcome to make vows in and devote themselves to the Church. The Great Clarification continues. The weird and confusing stand-off we have had in the Church for fifty years is quickly coming to an end. Thanks be to God for Francis for making it impossible to continue to live in this confusing and contradictory, compromised state of conservative denial. You can’t play Catholic in NuChurch.”

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