Does Podesta Email Exchange Suggest Scalia Assassination?

Does Podesta Email Exchange Suggest Scalia Assassination?

Posted by Mary Ann Kreitzer on MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2016

Check out the email talking about “wet works,” a KGB slang term for assassination. (Read more about the term here.) The email was sent just four days before Scalia’s death under strange circumstances.

Review the disturbing facts about Scalia’s death. Does this new piece of the puzzle point to an assassination about to happen?

Scalia certainly wasn’t in the best of health, but everything surrounding his death was strange, and the way it was handled certainly gives rise to questions. If Podesta and Elmendorf weren’t talking about assassinating Scalia who exactly was about to be the target for “wet works?”

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One comment on “Does Podesta Email Exchange Suggest Scalia Assassination?

  1. Ask yourself, why are the members of Hillary’s team who discussed infiltrating the Catholic Church in their anti-Catholic conversations also using Communist KGB slang terms for assassination in emails? Hillary is herself a follower of Saul Alinsky, like Obama is. Connect the dots. These people hate normal Christian Americans. They talk about infiltrating the Catholic Church and setting up fake Catholic organizations to support Hillary’s anti-Catholic totalitarian socialist agenda. They mock a man for having his children baptized as Catholics. The Devil is in the details here.

    If these monsters get the keys to the White House what will the next four years be like for believing Catholics? Their policies on open borders will destroy all of civilization. Americans will die as unvetted barbarians enter the country specifically for the purpose of killing them in acts of terror. This is bananas. Someone could make a campy paranoid Red Dawn B movie about Commies like this taking over the country. Where are Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen? Oh, wait! This isn’t a movie!

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