The glories of secularism

The glories of secularism

OCT 16, 2016 by HILARY WHITE


Today the decree of canonization was issued for Saint Jose Sanchez Del Rio, the boy who would not deny Christ the King.

Points to remember: the hierarchy of Mexico refused to support the Cristeros.

The encyclical Quas primas, instituting the Feast of Christ the King, was issued on December 11, 1925, by Pope Pius XI in response to the suppression of Catholicism in Mexico.

The Mexican anticlerical laws are still on the books, but are not enforced.


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2 comments on “The glories of secularism

  1. San José Sánchez del Río, ruega por nosotros.

    May God deliver Mexico and all North America from secularism and the cowardice upon which it feeds.

    Viva Christo Rey!

  2. A Great Saint portrayed in a Great Movie!!!

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