Cardinal-designate Bishop Farrell’s Doctrine Evolution in a Nutshell

[Cardinal-designate] Bishop Farrell’s Doctrine Evolution in a Nutshell

October 11, 2016
Posted by Tantumblogo

I’m about to be stuck in the lab for the rest of the day, so enjoy this brief synopsis of Kevin J. Farrell’s “evolution” in thinking over the course of his 8 1/2 years in Dallas.

First, that pretty fair voting guide he and Bishop Kevin Vann produced prior to the 2008 election, shredding the “seamless garment” and providing pretty clear guidance to Catholic voters (noting, however, even this could/should have been vastly better).

Next, a tweet from two months ago:


That’s courtesy Rorate. No wonder I hate Twitter with such a passion.

Dang. I’ve read all the Gospels like 7 or 8 times cover to cover. I must really suck at reading comprehension.

Is that what you call closing the deal for a Secretariat and red hat?

Then of course there was the parish gun ban debacle, which, thank God, didn’t go as he expected (at all), then the 180 on immigration, then permitting Biden to receive Communion in the Diocese, then the liberalization of the ministry conference, then further mucking around with UD, then……

We all wondered, back in the day, who really was the impetus behind that voting guide, Farrell, or Vann? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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