Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Answering the Anti-Trump Coalition

1. Trump didn’t pay taxes so he does not support the military. Answer: Trump followed the law with respect to his 1995 Tax return. Following the law does not mean he does not support the military. As a businessman he simply used the advantage of a tax-law which has been on the books since 1915. Many other taxpayers have done the same because it is simply good business.

2. Trump hates women because he described some women in undesirable terms. Answer: he has given more women substantial opportunities in the business world than possibly any other entrepreneur. He described some women in undesirable terms because they were being held to a higher standard and failed to meet those standards – i.e. beauty contest contestants or TV personalities.

3. Trump calls Mexicans rapists and murderers. Answer: Trump was referring to those who illegally enter this country and commit crimes against American citizens. He specifically did not say “all Mexicans were rapists and murderers.”

4. Trump says Putin is a great leader. Answer: Trump characterized Putin as a great
leader for his country because he puts Russia first unlike the Obama “lead from behind” administration. He was specifically not referring to Putin’s adventures in the international sphere.

5. Trump is out of control and unfit to be President. Answer: Trump speaks the language of the common man and not the practiced politicians of the past who promise everything and deliver nothing.

6. Trump is anti-immigration. Answer: Trump believes in an immigration program that benefits the US and properly vets those desiring to enter. His answer to the Demo’s claim that he intends to create a “deportation police” is that the US already has an agency, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Administration (ICE) to deal with this issue, Another government programs is hardly needed.

7. Trump is not pro-Life. Answer: Trump has promised to appoint pro-Life judges to the Supreme Court and has selected as his running mate, a man who is clearly 100% pro-Life, not like Timothy Kaine who promises to support Hillary Clinton. Her view is Abortion is a woman’s legal right under any circumstances even partial-birth abortions. She has also promised to repeal the Hyde Amendment which prohibits federal funding of abortions. Kaine says he is pro-Life personally but would not interfere with a woman’s “right to choose.” By taking such a stand Kaine has in effect excommunicated himself from the Roman Catholic Church which he continues to attend with supreme hypocrisy.

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