Matthew VI, xiii : Man, Explained

Et ne nos inducas in tentationem sed libera nos a malo

Ver. 13. God is not the tempter of evil, or author of sin. (James i. 13.) He tempteth no man: we pray that he would not suffer the devil to tempt us above our strength: that he would remove the temptations, or enable us to overcome them, and deliver us from evil, particularly the evil of sin, which is the first, and the greatest, and the true efficient cause of all evils. (Haydock)

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One comment on “Matthew VI, xiii : Man, Explained

  1. Fr. Adolphus Tanquerey’s classic text for priests, “The Spiritual Life,” stresses that dogma is the heart, the sine qua non of the spiritual life. Any variation from it is sin.

    In ourselves. In the Church. In the world.

    I posted this not to accuse but rather to remind, especially myself, that reparation and dependence on divine providence are the key to personal growth in sanctity and the winning of divine intervention in matters now far beyond mere human efforts to control.

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