Pope admits he does not enjoy travel

Pope admits he does not enjoy travel

[Many other also do not enjoy His Holiness’ travel – especially the inflight press conferences]

Catholic World News – September 30, 2016

In a brief exchange with reporters who accompanied him on a September 30 flight to Tbilisi, Georgia, Pope Francis dropped a broad hint that he is not fond of travel.

“This is going to be a brief visit, thank God,” the Pope said. “In three days we will be going home.”

Pope Francis has frequently said in the past that he prefers to remain “at home.” During his tenure as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he was known for traveling to Rome infrequently, and hurrying back to Argentina at his first opportunity.

The Pope did not speak with reporters at length during the trip to Georgia. He is expected to hold a more extensive question-and-answer session during the return trip. He did, however, offer a public welcome to Greg Burke, the new director of the Vatican press office, who is making his first foreign trip in that capacity.

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One comment on “Pope admits he does not enjoy travel

  1. (methinks he protest too much) …

    “Regarding his upcoming trips abroad, Francis revealed that he is planning to visit Portugal, India, and Bangladesh in 2017. He also said he is hoping to visit Africa but is unsure about which country as “it depends on the political situations and wars there.”


    “He also said he is still considering a trip to Colombia following the historic peace agreement between the government and FARC rebels there, but wanted to wait until everything was “locked-up” or “when everything is sure, sure, sure” for the success of the peace deal.”

    Oh, if only the Holy Father would take a break from his “roaming the earth…” and spare us his impromptu comments/”magisterium” to the press. Maybe he could join Benedict XVI in his monastery for an extended retreat.

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