Cardinal Schönborn: No Understanding Why There is Resistance Against Pope Francis

Cardinal Schönborn: No Understanding Why There is Resistance Against Pope Francis

Cardinal in prayer for peace in the cathedral: People are grateful world that Francis “exemplifies the Gospel”, within the church, there are hostile – Call for “patience” for Vatican ruling on Medjugorje

[Clueless (in more than one way) Bergoglianism compounded by Medjugorguery (as in demagoguery)]

Trans: Tancred

Vienna ( Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has expressed shock at the resistance from Church circles against Pope Francis: “It hurts me that he faces so much hostility – within the Church. What is this? He is the successor of Peter! He’s the pope!” said the Archbishop of Vienna on Tuesday in his homily during the Medjugorje prayer of peace, “Message for you” in the cathedral. Many people in the world are grateful for the witness of Pope Francis. “For his kindness and his love for the poor and the fallen. It is the gospel that he teaches us,” said Schönborn. To learn that the Pope is receiving “so much resistance” from his own ranks, was completely incomprehensible to him. It is important to pray for the Pope.

Regarding the so far not carried out confirmation by the Vatican for the alleged [and heretical] Marian apparitions in Medjugorje, the Cardinal called on the faithful to be patient. You should “persevere and remain faithful in prayer and intercession,” said Schönborn, and continued: “I think to myself, God knows why he is linked to Medjugorje, so patience requires of us thus our heart is willing.. ” As one of the positive consequences of the events of Medjugorje, Schönborn described the emergence of numerous prayer groups around the world and also in Austria. It was particularly noteworthy that these groups since their inception in the 1980s – the Viennese Dominican Church was then a starting point – would largely continue to exist to this day, said the Archbishop of Vienna.

The Medjugorje prayer groups were the focus of this year’s Peace Prayer again with around 4,000 believers who had come to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Currently I am tempted to link the dozens existing groups in Austria with each other more, explained Christian Stelzer of the prayer community “Oasis of Peace”, who had organized the prayer for peace.

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  1. Short of being video taped machine-gunning a busload of poofsters in broad daylight, there isn’t much else that will get a delusional rogue Modernist cardinal canned.

    Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

    …. rubble …..

    …….. bounce ……..

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