A New Traditional Order in Tulsa–the Daughters of Mary! OR Are They Next on the Traditionalist Chopping Block?

A New Traditional Order in Tulsa–the Daughters of Mary! OR Are They Next on the Traditionalist Chopping Block?

Fellow Trads, What is Transpiring in the Tulsa Diocese?

Posted by Joseph Ostermeir on 9/28/16

* Disclaimer. This blog has absolutely no connection to the Daughters of Mary or any other official person or entity in the diocese. Please express any concerns directly and respectfully to the diocese through the proper channels.

In 2011, His Excellency Bishop Edward Slattery of Tulsa founded a new Order for women devoted to the contemplative life and traditional piety, called the Daughter’s of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope. This steady venture has culminated in around 7 Postulants preparing to take the Religious Habit this October, Next Month.

Mother Miriam, Foundress. Convert from Judaism. Receiving Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament from Bishop Slattery, at a Traditional Latin Mass (Fr. Kirby, OSB in background)

However, we have concrete information that suggests the Diocese of Tulsa, under the leadership of its newly ordained bishop–Bishop David Konderla– may be SHUTTING DOWN this new Order of Sisters and kicking them out of the diocese.

It must be asked, will the Sisters take their Habits and recite their Vows next month? In front of His Excellency Bishop Konderla? What will happen to these good women who have given so much to establishing this new Community, and answering the Divine Call to Religious life? Who are waiting like a Bride before her wedding day, to unite themselves to Christ, again, in a few weeks!

Some Background on the Daughters of Mary … Read more at okietraditionalist.blogspot.com/2016/09/a-new-trad-order-in-tulsa-daughters-of.html

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9 comments on “A New Traditional Order in Tulsa–the Daughters of Mary! OR Are They Next on the Traditionalist Chopping Block?

  1. Thank you for posting this, Tom. It is an unfolding tragedy which could end up destroying all 4,000 contemplative religious houses across the globe. The cardinal the pope put in charge of enforcing his new Apostolic Constitution, Vultum Dei Quaerere, has (metaphorically) predicted “death” for any and all communities of nuns and monks who will not submit to the eco-wacko Modernist feminazi ecumenists and ditzy clerics who will be knocking on their doors.

    This is Luther’s goon squads + the NKVD + the Gestapo, all over again – except this time it’s coming from “new Rome” itself.

    I think both Chris Ferrara and Elizabeth Yore have articles in the Remnant about this.

    Dr. Roberto de Mattei excoriated this development some time ago, before Vultum Dei Quaerere was signed by Francis. de Mattei explained that the clerical side of the Franciscans of the Immaculate in Italy “looked like a bomb site.”

    • One clarification: Mother Miriam has a talk show on EWTN radio. I’ll leave it to others to decide just how “traditional” some of her remarks are. This is said in contrast to the enthusiasm found in the Okey Trad article.

      She’s very orthodox, no doubt. But that old EWTN spirit, which she inherited from her years as one of the network’s more popular talking heads, seems to resurface around the edges when she takes calls.

      We are not talking about nuns like those affiliated with the SSPX or FSSP in her particular case.

      Nevertheless, cloistered life DOES produce deeply religious souls and she is, absolutely, exactly that.

      What times in which we live!

  2. Who owns the property where the Sisters live?

    • That question has already been raised, a couple months back, in one of the articles (I think Elizabeth Yore’s) that I referenced in my first post.

      If the Fontgombault-affiliated monks at Clear Creek own the land and structures and simply provided them to the nuns, then the property cannot be touched by the local diocese, if I recall correctly. If not, then the poor dears will be up (definitely not Clear) Creek.

  3. I need to re-read those articles. To be blunt, this will be one of the most disgraceful acts of megalomaniacal tyranny in Church history once Modernist bishops catch on to the economics of it. I’ll try to comment soon on it.

    • One last thought for the evening on this matter: Even the Borgia popes (although the family did produce one real saint, in spite of its reputation) will all look like canonization material once this nightmare garners more publicity.

    • I re-read those articles, including the “fine print”; i.e., comments.

      An earlier (September 25th) post on the Okie Trad website (POLL RESULTS ARE IN–Why did the New Tulsa Bishop shut down the Latin Mass Exorcists?) has an exchange between Joseph Ostermeir the Okie Trad” and Laramie Hirsch of the Hirsch Files, who was the source of the news of Bishop Konderla’s suppression of the priestly society of exorcists. The accuracy of that information at first was doubted by some on AQ, and the two withdrew their original reports, although the information was later confirmed and reported as true. Is Mr. Hirsch the source of that new “concrete information” concerning the possible suppression of the Daugher’s of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope? The Hirsch Files does not currently have any posts about it.

      Laramie Hirsch:

      Scathing analogy. I should say it’s apt.
      I believe that, should we discover the truth of the next rumor–that the new bishop is kicking out a prominent Traditionalist nun–then we will be be confirmed in our suspicions that he is an enemy to Traditional Catholic life, and a fully-fledged Modernist.
      Indeed, I think that those 11 hesitant voters will change their vote, and they will join the other 20 who recognize this suppression.
      But first, we’ll see if the rumors for the next crackdown are true.

      Joseph Ostermeir: Please tell us more what you know about this traditionalist nun in Tulsa, Hirsch! Is she part of a religious order devoted to the Latin Mass?

  4. The “threat” is very real. We know that. And it is worldwide, since Francis’ Apos. Const., QVD was promulgated.

    A poll by a recent startup blog is really of no help in determining the facts on the ground in OK, however.

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