Vatican to U.N.: No sustainable development without ‘absolute respect for life’ in ‘all its stages’

Vatican to U.N.: No sustainable development without ‘absolute respect for life’ in ‘all its stages’

Pete Baklinski

NEW YORK, September 26, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — A Vatican representative told the U.N. last week that for any development to be truly “sustainable,” it must be founded on an “authentic and absolute” respect for life.

“As Pope Francis said here last year, ‘The pillars of integral human development have a common foundation, which is the right to life,’ which presumes that ‘we recognize a moral law written into human nature itself, one that includes the natural difference between man and woman (cf. Laudato Si’, 155), and absolute respect for life in all its stages and dimensions,’” said Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State for the Holy See, in his September 22 address in New York at the General Debate of the 71st Session of the General Assembly.

The remarks by the cardinal came at the same time as pro-life leaders have critiqued the Vatican’s decision to lend support to the United Nations’ controversial Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include language calling for “universal access to sexual and reproductive health care services.”

The 17 SDGs set an international agenda for the next 15 years to end poverty, promote the well being and prosperity of people everywhere, and to protect the environment. Despite the lofty goals, the pro-life leaders have expressed concern that hidden within the SDGs is an anti-life and anti-family agenda. They have specifically warned that when the U.N. goals call for “universal access to sexual and reproductive health care services,” it means – as defined in the 1994 Cairo conference – providing women with “modern contraception” and with “safe abortion” where it is legal.

The Holy See’s relationship to the SDGs might be described as confusing. Some Holy See representatives have welcomed the goals without reservations. Others have endorsed goals “verbatim” while raising reservations about the meaning of certain problematic terms. While still others have criticized the goals for promoting abortion. Pope Francis himself has called the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development “an important sign of hope.”

Cardinal Parolin concluded his address to the General Assembly last week by reaffirming the Pope’s commitment to a “more just and truly human society” based on respect for life.

“Without authentic and absolute respect for life, there can be no development that is truly human, integral and sustainable,” he said.

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4 comments on “Vatican to U.N.: No sustainable development without ‘absolute respect for life’ in ‘all its stages’

  1. Quote: “The Holy See’s relationship to the SDGs might be described as confusing. ”

    The U.N.’s rhetoric about “sustainable development” is inherently Malthusian code language for population control and the pro-abortion agenda. The U.N. is dominated by anti-Christian secret societies that push Malthusian population control policies. It serves no real purpose for modernist Vatican bureaucrats to pretend that you can have a rational debate about this with U.N. Malthusians. The Church was better off when John Paul II and Mother Teresa scolded liberal secular humanists for promoting abortion. But it would make more sense to explain to people that the U.N. is a front for the Illuminati and occult anti-Christian wackos who dress up in absurd secret society costumes performing strange rituals to bring about an Orwellian New World Order which they intend to have coercive population control and abortion imposed by totalitarian global socialism run by people like Hillary Clinton and Obama. Heck, the U.N.’s World Health Organization already puts sterilizing toxins in the vaccines it gives to women in Third World countries. That’s what they mean by “sustainable development” in their proclamations.

    This is what the pope and Vatican officials should be talking about:

    Were Tetanus Vaccines Laced with Birth-Control Drugs?

    Mass Sterilization Campaign: UN Laces Tetanus Vaccine With Drug to Cause Miscarriages

    ‘A mass sterilization exercise’: Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine

    UN Sneaking Miscarriage Hormones Into Tetanus Vaccines for Population Control in Kenya

    If we had a pope who was seriously Catholic this is what he would be talking about instead of air conditioners. Don’t get sterilized by Illuminati vaccines from the U.N. – just say “No!” to their neutering shots. Be smart. They think everybody is stupid and they intend to sterilize you and make you sick. Tear off the mask of the Illuminati and the anti-Christian secret societies. Just because Pope Francis won’t because he’s a progressive modernist doesn’t mean that you need to get sterilized by the Illuminati who control the U.N. and other secular political organizations. They intend to impose coercive population control using vaccines.

  2. Illuminati Portal to the Powers of Darkness, UN Building in New York

    Does anybody have a photo of Ratzinger or Wojtyla in there?

    Ban Ki-moon, in 2008, welcoming the pan-pope to the pan-demonic UN

    Your Holiness, these are fundamental goals we share. We are grateful to have your prayers as we proceed on the path towards them.

    Before leaving the UN today, you will visit the Meditation Room. My great predecessor, Dag Hammarskjöld, who created that room, put it well. He said of the stone that forms its centerpiece [and I quote]: “We may see it as an altar, empty not because there is no God, not because it is an altar to an unknown God, but because it is dedicated to the God whom man worships under many names and in many forms.”

    • I can find no such photos on the Internet, but JP2 and B16 (along with Paul VI) have been there, according to a statement by United Nations spokesman Jesús Colina on the occasion of Benedict XVI’s visit to the UN to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

      At the end [of the Pope’s address to the General Assembly], Benedict XVI will visit the Meditation Room, in which Popes Paul VI and John Paul II also stopped to spend time in silence.

  3. The cost of that abstract modernist mural on the wall probably could have fed a few families in the Third World for a whole year. Not to mention the carbon footprint of shipping it to U.N. headquarters. Although it might be interesting to hear the esoteric explanation of the Gnosticism of the abstract geometry and how that relates to the “order out of chaos” dialectic theory.

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