Beautiful Cheese

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4 comments on “Beautiful Cheese

  1. Tim, I don’t how well received Bp Williamson’s words will be, but I agree with him. The Chapels around S Fl are losing Parishioners, slowly, but many of my friends still going are up in arms. It seems that anyone with the temerity to question Father directly are being threatened with expulsion, from what I’m told. 2 have already been expelled.

  2. As a parishioner at a SSPX chapel that was decimated by Bishop Williamson’s followers I have no time for the Bishop’s propaganda. Any Bishop who sends a priest with a history of sexual abuse of minors to minister to a congregation is a Bishop that is not to be trusted. In my opinion (and limited experience) the man is a narcissist and of spectacularly bad judgement. Archbishop Lefebvre followed God’s providence and so should we. I have no doubt that the SSPX is in good hands and I pray that God guides those responsible for the order to take the just steps to defend the Faith at all costs.

  3. Howticklediam,

    Could you fill me in, in general, about what you’re talking about. I’d been in the Society’s S Fl Chapels for just about 10 years and have never heard about what you’re referring to.

    I’ve already posted about what’s taking place down here under Fr Vernoy’s leadership, and it isn’t good news.

  4. Just from an observer’s point of view, it does seem that Bp Williamson has a point about the Society not being able to consecrate its own bishops, under the proposed new structure.

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