The Sodomovement advances in the Church – with the silence or approval of churchmen!

[The Sodomovement advances in the Church – with the silence or approval of churchmen!]

From: Gloria.TV News on the 23rd of September 2016

Silent Support: Albert Roggenbuck, a so-called drag queen – a man who dresses up as a woman – gave the homily, functioned as a deacon and distributed Holy Communion during a Mass during the novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the parish of Itaquera in the diocese of Sao Miguel Paulista, Sao Paolo. The local bishop Dom Manuel Parrado Carral has shown silent support of this scandal.

Bishop Against Nature: The first two homosexuals – both over 40 years of age – have contracted a civil homosex pseudo-marriage in Rome after the Italian parliament voted for it and Pope Francis supported it by his silence. Bishop Domenico Sigalini of Palestrina commented the event: “I give my compliments to these two young men and wish them luck. That two friends who love each other have the same rights as any other couple is out of discussion.”

Jesuit Against Nature: Jesuit Father James Martin, the editor of America Magazine, will accept an award by the New Ways Ministry, a propaganda group for homosexualism. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Vatican have denounced New Ways Ministry for its opposition to Church teaching. The group has been banned from speaking in Catholic dioceses across the country.

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