This one was custom made for Howl !

Yes, boys and girls, you can now pay $25,000 – $45,000/ year to a major university to relive your kindergarten days.

AQ loyalists await Howl’s learned comments on this latest hip trend, even as yours truly runs down a rumor that the Harvard Foundation is quietly buying up trailer loads of Huggies for mass distribution to incoming frosh…

Colleges turn to coloring books to de-stress students

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7 comments on “This one was custom made for Howl !

  1. Let’s hope the pope doesn’t learn about this.

    Opie: Paw! Paw! Do they have a Da Vinci Code coloring book?
    I want one with the Illuminati hooded Ringwraith robes! Just like Emperor Palpatine!

    Emperor Palpatine: Soon, my young apprentice.

    Barney Fife: Andy!!! Andy!!!

  2. Neocat coloring book.

  3. I knew I could count on both of you gents!

    LOL !

  4. Captain Oveur: Hey, Joey, your parents have taken out a second mortgage to put you through college, haven’t they?

    Joey: I guess so.

    Captain Oveur: I’ll bet you like literature courses.
    Ever tried a Lacanian analysis of Gumby and Pokey, Joey?

    Gumby: Hey, where did Pokey and Prickle go?

    Professor Derrida: Here Gumby is subverting the discourse…

    Batman: You’ll be starting college in two years, Robin. Any questions?

    Robin: What makes it cost $50,000, Batman?

  5. James O’Keefe Introduces ‘Emotional First Aid Kits’ for Social Justice Warriors

    O’Keefe: “Are you a victim of people holding opinions other than your own?”

    The emotional first aid kits are designed to address the trauma of any “microaggressions” a student or professor might encounter if they cannot reach a “safe space” in time, and include a “genderless” baby blanket, earplugs, and Hershey’s Kisses (though the Project Veritas team ran into a serious snag when the chosen candies came prepared in American flag wrappers).

  6. When things get tough, this liturgical legacy from the Spirit of Vatican II in the 1970s can be useful – fuzzy puppets.

  7. And let’s not forget the Giant Love Ball song!

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