The Death of the West — A Howl or a Whimper?

The Death of the West — A Howl or a Whimper?

Posted by Mary Ann Kreitzer on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

I’m reading an amazing novel written in 1975, Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail, that I can only describe as prophetic. It tells the story of an “armada” of broken down ships sailing from India to Europe with a million poverty stricken souls headed for the promised land. None of the Western nations will face the fact that such an invasion will unalterably change the face of the country where they land. All the leftists around the world cheer on the invaders including the liberal press. They attack the military and the police and proclaim that charity and mercy demand the refugees be welcomed with open arms. Meanwhile, the large numbers of immigrants already in the West see in the “armada” a call to better their own situation against the “racist” European whites and unrest becomes widespread. The pope of mercy is “Benedict XVI” although his persona is more descriptive of Francis.

As I read I keep having to look back at the date of publication.Was this really written in 1975? Isn’t he describing the invasions taking place all over the western world by immigrants claiming a right to better their situations by illegally crossing borders and demanding free goods and services from the nations they invade whose culture they despise?

The book is thought-provoking to say the least. I tend to be a bleeding heart and my first reaction is to say, “Of course, these people need help.” But why are they not receiving help that allows them to stay in their own countries and thrive?

Think of all the countries of the world teeming with poor when their countries are rich in resources. Why are India, the nations of Africa, Central America, etc. filled with so many poor people when their countries have fertile farmland, rich mineral deposits, grazing lands, etc.? What has made the West a land of opportunity, while the East is for so many a land of despair? Is it really all the fault of western exploitation? Will one world government really end the political corruption so endemic to so many countries?

I will be finishing this book and then beginning it again. The politicians, the religious leaders (including leftist Jesuits and the World Council of Churches), the media manipulators, etc. are all there weaving their webs of “mercy” for the poor while they gather their wealth and flee. Their hypocrisy allows no mercy for the ordinary people whose lives and country will be turned upside down by the invaders. The left portrays the conflict as racism of white Europe against the colored of the world dismissing any concern about the loss of national unity impacted by a totally different culture. It’s the same nonsense we hear daily about the religion of peace and the cruelty of the border patrol enforcing our immigration laws.

An interviewer on Amazon called the book “chillingly depressing” and it is because what it describes is coming to pass. The West is signing its own death warrant and Raspail reminds us of it by repeatedly having Mozart’s Requiem played.

I can only wonder what will be left of Judeo-Christian western culture for my grandchildren. Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us.

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