Pope Francis: Welcoming refugees “our greatest security against hateful acts of terrorism”

Pope Francis: Welcoming refugees “our greatest security against hateful acts of terrorism”


[Hat-tip to PewSitter (including the photo)]


There have already been jihad terrorists among the refugees (including two of the Paris jihad mass murderers in November 2015), and the Islamic State has threatened to send jihadis to Europe among the refugees. So on the face of it, it would appear that “our greatest security against hateful acts of terrorism” would be to keep the refugees out. Counterintuitively, the Pope says that “our greatest security against hateful acts of terrorism” is to bring the refugees in. Does he have a way to distinguish jihadis from peaceful refugees? He does not. He would just apparently rather see Europeans die in jihad massacres than do anything that would disturb his sense of his own moral rectitude.

Pope: welcoming refugees helps keeps us safe from terrorism,” Associated Press, September 17, 2016:

Pope Francis has encouraged Europeans to welcome refugees, calling authentic hospitality “our greatest security against hateful acts of terrorism.”…

The pope said: “I encourage you to welcome refugees into your homes and communities, so that their first experience of Europe is not the traumatic experience of sleeping cold on the streets, but one of warm welcome.”…

He said each refugee “has a name, a face and a story, as well as an inalienable right to live in peace and to aspire to a better future” for their children.

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8 comments on “Pope Francis: Welcoming refugees “our greatest security against hateful acts of terrorism”

  1. [Not to be redundant, but …]

    Bergoglio expects you to accept refugee terror and murder in your neighbourhood and in your house!

    [Hat-tip to Canon212: “Bergoglio expects you to accept refugee terror and murder in your neighbourhood and in your house!”]

    Posted by Vox Cantoris at Sunday, September 18, 2016

    A pipe bomb in New Jersey.

    A bomb explodes in a downtown Manhattan garbage dumpster.

    A bomb is found in a pressure cooker in New York.

    A Muslim in Minnesota, a State whose leftist governments welcomed a massive number of Somali refugees a generation ago is now being repaid for its generosity and stupidity.

    Stabbing numerous people, nine apparently, in a mall asking them before if they were also Mohammedans and then shouted the famous phrase, “Our god is greatest,” the perpetrator is now dead. Their “god” is the devil and this malefactor follower of Mahomet has found that out and that there were no virgins there awaiting him. Mahound’s Paradise is reporting that credit for the rampage in Minnesota has been taken by ISIS.

    People are maimed. Terrorised.


    Pope Francis speaks again demanding that Europe and the rest of the world accept tens or hundreds of thousands of migrants, mostly Muslims from Africa and the Middle East. The problem needs to be fixed, in their countries, not imported into ours. Immigration is not the issue. An immigration policy approved by a parliament or legislature that involves a points system is perfectly acceptable. That is not the issue.

    Bergoglio expects that you and I should be murdered in our beds, our malls, our street celebrations or wherever as the price for a borderless world. Then, he would condemn us as Catholics, if we tried to preach to them that they worship a false god and must come to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church for salvation. It is as if he is embarassed by Christ and embarassed by our nation states. It’s easy when you live in a walled city and have security protection to be so brave as this Bergoglio. Europeans should open their homes and spare beds according to him. Has he not read the news about the numbers of rapes?

    No, not all Muslims are terrorists but nearly all terrorists, are Muslims and as the event in St. Cloud, Minnesota shows, it lasts for generations and they have no gratefulness for the protection offered their parents and no desire to assimilate.

    Our culture is at serious risk because we have failed as Catholics and Christians to maintain it. Now, it will be taken away by those who call us “infidels” or by a globalist regime that will stamp down on them and on the rest of us to maintain “order.”

    The first duty of the father of the house is to protect his family. The first duty of a government is to protect its people from external invasion and internal threats.

    The globalists have created this upheaval in order to bring “order out of chaos” and you know well friends, from whence that phrase comes.

    At the same time, we have a Pope who aids and abets them. either unwittingly because he is just too good hearted for our own good or intentionally because he is an ideologue.

    Immigration is one thing. An invasion is something quite different. My right to a safe and secure home and nation has priority over his ideology. It is not Christian to accept the annihilation of our nations. Our duty is to protect the vulnerable and that means creating safe zones for these migrants in their countries. It is not skin colour. It is culture; and religion and culture are intertwined.

    I chose that word “annihilation” intentionally. Our Church leaders failed Our Blessed Mother and they have failed us.

  2. Bergoglio is a George Soros and NWO useful idiot.
    So him saying stupidity that “welcoming refugees helps keeps us safe from terrorism” just reinforces that.
    I pray for the day we once again have a Catholic sitting in the Chair of Peter

  3. Welcome!

    Police Identify Suspect In NYC Bombing As Afghani-Born Ahmad Khan Rahami


    Welcome more bomb-squad robots for our security!

    Explosive device detonates near Elizabeth train station
    [The robot is a goner, I’d suspect.]

    • I saw an earlier news item about Rahami (then named as a “person of interest”) along with mention that “The FBI took five people of interest into custody Sunday night on the Belt Parkway [who] might be linked to the Chelsea bombing, and had weapons stashed in their SUV.” I thought “Possibly a Muslim terrorist cell” but decided not to post it but await further developments.

      The sources that I usually check first for such information are Deacon Robert Spencer’s (a personal friend) JihadWatch.org and Oakes Spalding’s (an AQ reader and occasional poster) MahoundsParadise.blogspot.com

  4. Meanwhile Dipstick DeBlasio refuses to call it what it obviously is. Diabolical and demonic – the whole lot of them!

  5. Update: Drudge is reporting they got him. He’s in custody.

    • NYC jihad bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami arrested after gun battle with police


      Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who said on Sunday that the attack did not appear to have a link to international terrorism, said new evidence might change that thinking. “I would not be surprised if we did have a foreign connection to the act.”

      Hey, neither would I, Andy.


      Ahmad Khan Rahami Is Arrested in Manhattan and New Jersey Bombings,” by Marc Santora, William K. Rashbaum and Al Baker, New York Times, September 19, 2016:

      The man believed to be responsible for the explosion in Manhattan on Saturday night and an earlier bombing in New Jersey, Ahmad Khan Rahami, was taken into custody on Monday after he was wounded by gunfire in an encounter with the police, according to law enforcement officials.

      The dramatic episode on a rain-soaked street in Linden, N.J., came after the police issued a cellphone alert to millions of residents in the area telling them to be on the lookout for the suspect, who was described as “armed and dangerous.”

      Photos from the scene showed a man believed to be Mr. Rahami laying on the sidewalk, hands cuffed behind his back and his shirt pulled up exposing his stomach and chest, with a police officer standing over him.

      Witnesses said they saw police shoot at a man who was running away. One person who was too rattled to give his name said the victim appeared to have been shot more than once and was “still twitching.”

      He also said it appeared a police officer was shot.

      “Lotta’ lotta’ gunfire,” said Derek Pelligra, manager of Linden Auto Body.

      Mr. Rahami, 28, was identified on surveillance video planting the bombs in Chelsea, both the device that exploded and another that did not detonate a few blocks away. He was described as a naturalized citizen of Afghan descent who had been living with his family in Elizabeth, N.J.

      It remained unclear there were other suspects who the police were searching for in the connection with the bombing.

      Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who said on Sunday that the attack did not appear to have a link to international terrorism, said new evidence might change that thinking.

      “I would not be surprised if we did have a foreign connection to the act,” he said on CNN on Monday morning….

  6. Between Narco Alms and resettling refugees , Vatican rakes in a fortune . One through criminal enterprise other through helping destroy Europe and America ! Any diocese that resettles refugees should be sued , Bishops strung up and tried for treason ! The Good Lord has left this string of clowns a long time ago !

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