Demonic Influences

I’m sure you’ve all seen the labels Hillary Clinton (D), Bill DiBlasio (D). Barack Obama (D), Harry Reid (D), Nancy Pelosi (D), Timothy Kaine (D), etc. We are led to believe this “(D)” after their names is meant to signify Democrat or Democratic Party. But, I would suggest it means something far more sinister and that is Demonic!. It appears Lucifer is using the Democratic Party as his tool in trying to win the un-winable, the final battle with the forces of Good, and thus of God, in the world. Remember, before he chose to assert his own Will over that of God Himself, he was deemed brilliant in terms of his powers and ability among the angels. In fact his name means “Light-Bearer.” However, he and his minions are fighting a losing battle because the One Person who can put him in his place has yet to use the awesome power She has been given. That person, of course, is the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, who will crush the head of the serpent. We must, I believe, direct our prayers to Her in these terrible times in the Church and the World.

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3 comments on “Demonic Influences

  1. [Is Hillary possessed by demon rum?]

    Hillary alcohol abuse problem


    Hillary Clinton is just months away from experiencing a critical “heart failure event” brought on by her years of alcohol abusethat have led to her having Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and is now causing her to have uncontrollable “coughing fits” for which she has been prescribed powerful blood thinners to prevent her blood from clotting, but that now appear to be failing.

    According to this report, SVR analysts have long known about Hillary Clinton”s alcohol abuse that began to cause her serious problems in 2005 when she was a US Senator and “fell over drunk” prior to giving a speech in Buffalo, New York”and that accelerated during her 2008 presidential campaign with New York Times reporter Amy Chozick telling ABC News at the time that she was surprised by the extent of Clinton”s drinking when she began covering her: “She likes to drink.” We were on the campaign trail in 2008 and the press thought she was just taking shots to pander to voters in Pennsylvania. Um, no.”

    Shortly after losing her presidential bid and becoming US Secretary of State, this report continues, Clinton was found passed out in her Washington D.C. office, was treated at a State Department clinic and then sent home to recover”but shortly afterward, in June 2009, she fell over drunk, again, just prior to her meeting with the famous American actress Angelina Jolie breaking her elbow to such an extent she needed surgery to repair it.

    Since 2009, this report says, Hillary Clinton travels with a full-time physician, who “keeps her under constant observation”, and “takes a medicine-cabinet full of drugs to prevent recurring blood clots”, but has had to run her current presidential campaign by remaining in near virtual seclusion, except from those giving her millions of dollars”and “special” drinks of water.

  2. Is there any doubt? Methinks not.

    • Objectively, there certainly seems to be a real medical problem of one sort or another. Whether it’s “substance abuse” is probably indeterminable until and unless positive, irrefutable evidence is made public.

      And that isn’t likely to occur before the election.

      On the one hand, both Churchill and FDR drank like fish before and during WW II. Winnie started his day with a couple of “eye openers,” continued through breakfast, at lunch, before and after dinner and on into the wee hours. Every day.

      FDR had a reputation for making a mean martini and, if biographers and W.E.B. Griffin were right, insisted on mixing them himself.

      On the other hand, Hitler-y wouldn’t last one minute in a debate on anything more serious than the weather with Churchill – even if he was totally passed out.

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