Cardinal Schönborn Trivializes His “Warning” of Islamic Threat

Cardinal Schönborn Trivializes His “Warning” of Islamic Threat

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans; Tancred

(Vienna) “Schönborn warns of Islamic conquest of Europe” (ORF), “Schönborn: ‘Many Muslims want a conquest of Europe.'” (OE24). The headlines reveal a suspicious departure from the current “Welcome Culture”. But is that really true?

Active Advocate of Unrestricted Border Opening

Vienna’s Archbishop, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, was thought to be one of the most active advocates of an unrestricted opening of the border for mass immigration. It’s a process which proceeds more under the heading “Refugee Aid”, and has dominated the political debate since last year not just in Austria.
Church institutions are among the main service providers that organize the reception of refugees professionally on behalf of the state. However, a majority of them are economic migrants, as government politicians now admit. The proportion of genuine refugees under the international conventions is given, depending on the estimate at 20-33 percent. Each genuine refugee, therefore, is up to four economic migrants entering the country.
However, Cardinal Schönborn has refused to make, together with Caritas and much of the political elite, any differentiation. It’s a refusal which corresponds to the attitude of the immigration party par excellence, the Greens, which was taken in 2015 from still unknown reasons from both Austrian government parties, the Social Democratic SPÖ and the Christian Democratic People’s Party. The resulting bold slogan, Refugee Welcome, comes from the vocabulary of the extreme left.

Voting Advice for the Candidates of Immigration Party par excellence

Last May, Cardinal Schönborn, in the context of the subject of mass immigration and Islamization campaign, made a bizarre voting recommendation – which he did not want to be understood as such – for the federal presidential candidate of the Greens, Alexander Van der Bellen. The president of The Austrian Bishops’ Conference made ​​the statement:

“Nobody has the truth, and you yourself do not.”

In Catholic circles in Vienna the statement, unusual for a Catholic bishop, was read as a benevolent signal to the lodge brothers. Van der Bellen had been a member in 1975 of the Masonic Lodge in Innsbruck. In contrast, his opponent Norbert Hofer, of the nationalist, conservative Freedom Party of Austria at (FPÖ), has the Order of St. George, by which the Cardinal seems but very little impressed.
Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun previously responded to voters of Catholic organizations for Van der Bellen after which the diocesan bishops, including the Archbishop of Vienna, were enveloped in silence:

“That Christians are, either thoughtless or, even worse, are already so brainwashed that they are prepared to choose a declared God and therefore enemy of the Church – and that others also want to seduce – shows what condition circles in the Church are.”

The election was subsquently annulled by the Constitutional Court because of irregularities and must be repeated in the autumn. Whether Schönborn will repeat his election manifesto, which not supposed to be one, will be repeated or not, should be the test of truth for statements made last Sunday and the credibility of the Church in Austria.

Consistently Incorrectly Analyzed Mass Immigration

In December 2015 Schönborn had, for the Slovak weekly magazine Týždeň, sharply criticized the “refugee policies” of the immigration policies of countries neighboring Austrian: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. He accused the governments of these countries of being “blinded by a vicious propaganda”. He was “ashamed” of the rejection of a mass immigration by these countries “in so-called Christian arguments” like the “fear of Islamisation”. A “rational calculation” shows that Europe “needs millions of immigrants to maintain our lifestyle.” What Schönborn honestly reveals, indicates that there are in reality very different motivations behind the “refugee crisis.”
Yet on March 13, 2016, Schönborn reiterated on ORF television Press Hour of the Austrian Church Hierarchy “consistently incorrectly analyzed mass immigration” (see The Church “Refugee” – Craze Continues – Cardinal Schönborn’s Dangerous Illusions and the Decline of the Church ). The attitude of the church hierarchy was marked by “clandestine agreements, self-censorship, confused talk” and “siding with the powerful,” says the Catholic theologian and Pro-lifer Wolfram Schrems.

But what is Cardinal Schönborn saying now?

“Today 333 years ago, Vienna was saved. Will there now be a third attempt at an Islamic conquest of Europe? Many Muslims think and wish that and say: This is Europe at the its end. And I think that Europe today should ask as Moses today’s reading and what God the Merciful does with his younger son: Lord, give us another chance! Do not forget that we are your people just as Moses reminds him: It’s YOUR people, YOU have led them out, YOU have sanctified them, they are YOUR people.”

The statement is less spectacular than some media have stressed. And yet, from the mouth of Vienna’s archbishop it is something spectacular to hear that he is convinced that “many Muslims think and wish” that there will be a “third attempt of an Islamic conquest of Europe”. As to being a real “warning”, such as claimed by the ORF, it was not, however.
Where is it the cardinal said this?
The statement came on September 11, at the end of his homily for this year’s Mary Name Day Ceremony in Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The festival is an annual meeting, which was founded by the Franciscan Petrus Pavlicek at the 1947 prayer a0ction, “Expiatory Rosary Crusade.”
Cardinal Schönborn is reputed to have the adaptability to accommodate his respective audience. Is this true for his homily last Sunday? Was it a rush of realization from a process of reflection that led the Cardinal to the conclusion that “Europe is at the end” that Europe “is well on the way of forfeiting its Christian heritage”? Or is the Cardinal only addressing a pious and “conservative” target audience?

The Relativization

When his unusual statements appeared on the Internet and spread fast. they were interpreted as a departure from the previous “Welcome Course” in matters of immigration and asylum, the Cardinal quickly addressed a corrective. On Twitter, he was eager to dispel this false impression:

“Do not get my message as a call to arms against the refugees”.

He also referred to the website of the Archdiocese of Vienna, where “the intention of the sermon was again clarified” than as ORF reported. The archdiocese had published the sermon in the text and to be safe, included commentary to prevent any misunderstanding from arising.
The blame does not fall upon Islam, not even the Islamists, insisted the cardinal. “We put the Christian heritage of Europe in danger.”
The commentary explains: “Islamism could indeed may be the beneficiary […]. But hope lies in the mercy of God.” Then the comment is even clearer: “From the context it is also clear that the Cardinal does not care to enter into a defensive struggle to defend Christian values ​​against Islam “.
In the Sonntag, weekly newspaper of the Archdiocese, Cardinal Schönborn issued the “following clarification”:

“Europe’s Christian heritage is at risk because we Europeans have squandered it. It has nothing to do with Islam or even the refugees. It is clear that many Islamists would like to take advantage of our weakness, but they are not responsible for our weakness. We are, the Europeans ourselves.”

So there is nothing new in Vienna? “Nothing new,” confirms a Viennese informant.

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4 comments on “Cardinal Schönborn Trivializes His “Warning” of Islamic Threat

  1. Schönborn and Hillary’s ROP darlings are having fun:

    Bombs in NY and NJ, and a pressure-cooker bomb was found. Hey, FBI, ever heard of one of those before? Oh, yeah, ROP M.O.

    There one good ROP’er in Minnesota, i.e, a dead raghead. Aloha akbar!

    MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A St. Cloud mall was on lockdown for several hours Saturday night after a suspect stabbed eight people, according to police.

    It happened just after 8 p.m. There were eight victims with stab wounds, police said. Seven were treated and released and one remains in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to police.

    Police said the suspect, dressed in a private security uniform, made a reference to Allah and asked one victim if they were Muslim.

    An off-duty police officer from another jurisdiction confronted the suspect and fatally shot him, police said.

    • Arabic note found with NYC bomb, witnesses saw Arab with suitcase just before blast


      It was jihad. If we had decent leaders, we wouldn’t have to read the tea leaves the way we do.

      “In another new wrinkle, a hand-written letter, a portion of which is in Arabic, was found inside a plastic bag that held the second device, sources said….The witnesses were dining at the Krush bar and grill on 32nd Street about a half-hour before the 8:30 p.m. Saturday explosion when they saw an Arab-looking man who was carrying a suitcase and appeared out of place, sources said.”

      ‘There will be more’: Chilling 911 call after the Chelsea explosion,” by Larry Celona, Tina Moore and Shawn Cohen, New York Post, September 18, 2016:

      A 911 caller warned of further explosions right after the blast that rocked Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood and injured 29 people, The Post has learned.

      “I’m looking at the explosion down the block. There will be more,” the unidentified male said, claiming to be standing at 23rd Street and Seventh Avenue in the aftermath of the terrifying incident, according to law-enforcement sources Sunday.

      Investigators believe the blast was the result of a home-made, pressure-cooker bomb similar to an unexploded device found later on 27th Street, sources said.

      In another new wrinkle, a hand-written letter, a portion of which is in Arabic, was found inside a plastic bag that held the second device, sources said.

      Cops were interviewing two men who claim to have spotted a potential person of interest in the case, sources said.

      The witnesses were dining at the Krush bar and grill on 32nd Street about a half-hour before the 8:30 p.m. Saturday explosion when they saw an Arab-looking man who was carrying a suitcase and appeared out of place, sources said.

      The men called 911 around 11 a.m. Sunday to report what they had seen and were brought to Manhattan for questioning, sources said….

      • [Meanwhile, Cardinal Dolan’s favorite New York State governor suggests “right-wing extremism” (Trump supporters?) as the perpetrator(s)]

        NY governor contradicts NY mayor, says Chelsea blast was terrorism, but says no evidence of international terrorism


        Cuomo may be implying that it was “right-wing extremism,” not jihad, but this really isn’t clear enough to go by. The only thing it establishes is that Cuomo is more realistic and honest than de Blasio. But this still doesn’t make it clear whether or not this was an act of jihad. If our leaders had been this cagey during World War II about who we were fighting, we would be marking the 70th anniversary of the German occupation of Washington.

        New York blast ‘obviously an act of terrorism,’ governor says,” by Mallory Simon, Tim Hume and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN, September 18, 2016:

        FBI investigators are still collecting evidence from the scene of a bombing Saturday in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. “The evidence we’ve collected is being taken to our lab at Quantico for review, and we are following every available lead,” FBI Assistant Director in Charge William Sweeney Jr. said Sunday.

        Investigators have not found any evidence that an explosion in New York Saturday was tied to an earlier blast in New Jersey, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday. St [sic]

        “We do not have any specific evidence of a connection, but that will continue to be considered. We’re not taking any options off the table,” de Blasio said.

        “We know there was a bombing. That much we do know. We know it was a very serious incident,” he said.

        “But we have a lot more work to do to be able to say what kind of a motivation was behind this. Was it a political motivation? Was it a personal motivation? We do not know that yet.”

        Hours after an explosion injured 29 people in a Manhattan neighborhood, police were scouring the area for evidence Sunday as they tried to pinpoint exactly what — and who — caused the blast.

        “A bomb exploding in New York is obviously an act of terrorism,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters Sunday, vowing that authorities will catch whoever is responsible.

        The governor said there’s no evidence of an international terrorism link to Saturday’s blast, which shook New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood and sent panicked people scrambling for cover.

        “A bomb going off is generically a terrorist activity. That’s how we’ll consider it. And that’s how we will prosecute it,” he said.

        Cuomo cautioned that the investigation remains in its early stages and added that no terror group had taken responsibility for the explosion.

        In light of the blast, he said 1,000 additional New York State Police officers and National Guard troops will be deployed to patrol bus terminals, airports and subway stations.

        The stepped-up security is “just to err on the side of caution,” Cuomo said. “I want New Yorkers to be confident when they go back to work on Monday that New York is up and running and we’re doing everything that we need to do.”

      • [Meanwhile, claimants for the explosion are coming out of the woodwork]

        1. Muslims celebrate NYC bomb: “The lions of the Caliphate roar in New York, we cause you pain inside your house”


        “The lions of the Caliphate” are responsible for this bombing? Do they know something that authorities aren’t telling us? Maybe.

        ISIS Supporters Rush To Celebrate NYC Explosion,” by Gilad Shiloach, Vocativ, September 18, 2016:

        Supporters of the Islamic State rushed to celebrate Saturday night’s powerful explosion in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood that injured at least 29 people, even as no group or individual has been arrested or claimed responsibility.

        “The lions of the Caliphate roar in New York, we cause you pain inside your house, the carrier of the Cross,” wrote one Twitter user who went by the name “I am ISIS, come and block me.” The account was soon suspended. Another, called “The Lone Wolves,” tweeted with the Arabic hashtag #ExplosionManhattanNewYork “Oh God burn America, take revenge in the name of your oppressed slaves and believers’ blood.”

        Others tweeted about “good tidings that keep coming” from New York, and one user affiliated with al-Qaeda in Syria tweeted: “Oh God go against America, the head of infidels. Oh God, count them and kill them one by one, and do not spare anyone of them.”…

        Others raised concerns, tweeted that the explosion was “another pretext for America to intervene in another country” and that ‘the dog Trump will blame the Muslims in order to win the elections, an expected scenario”.

        2. [A frustrated Bernie or Hillary supporter?]

        New York Media Report Claim of Responsibility for Manhattan Bombing

        September 18, 2016
        Ken Schwartz

        NEW YORK — The FBI is investigating a claim of responsibility for Saturday night’s bombing in New York City that injured 29 people in one of the city’s busiest neighborhoods.

        Federal and New York law enforcement officials gave no details. But New York media say the alleged bomber posted a manifesto on the Tumblr social media site under a large headline: “I’m the NY Bomber.”

        “I cannot live in a world where homosexuals like myself as well as the rest of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community are looked down upon by society.”

        Without naming any names, the self-proclaimed bomber also condemned a country where he or she said it is ok to have a “misogynist, xenophobic, racist Islamaphobic Republican candidate running for president.”

        The writer threatened more attacks, calling Saturday’s blast “just the beginning” and promised to “eliminate my targets.”

        * * *

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