LaVoris, again … ( need I say more? )

Well, buckaroos, our old nemesis is still gargling away against those scary Society meanies, to the everlasting enchantment of his functionally illiterate, permanently deluded audience…

“Pope Francis has just released a bombshell annulment document that has been called a pretext for “Catholic Divorce”, the new schema for the Synod on the Family contradicts Humanae Vitae, and Pope Francis has just named Kasper, Danneels, Schonborn, Cupich, Wuerl and Maradiaga to the Synod. Yet, as the Church braces for possible apostasy of epic proportions, one Neo-Catholic commentator is completely undeterred from pursuing his own personal white whale, the SSPX.

“Yes, instead of focusing on the recent annulment-gate tragedy, (which he cannot do, since the Pope himself issued the documents ), paying CMTV subscribers are now being treated to the wild theological and canonical opinions of their favorite reporter on an issue most of them couldn’t care less about. Indeed, Voris’ obsession with the SSPX has now led him to further lessen the credibility of his once promising enterprise by devoting an entire week-long series to disparaging the Traditional Priestly Society.

“His first episode is ironically titled “Sadness” which is what most CMTV subscribers are undoubtedly feeling as their champion who once fought against modernists in the hierarchy is now wasting their time sharing his erroneous private opinions on the SSPX. Although useless in and of themselves, Voris’ errors do give a good opportunity to create summarized teaching points on the SSPX for the rest of us and to provide a reply to his disinformation as a matter of justice to the Society. Quotes from Voris’ first two Vortex broadcasts on the topic will be in red, followed by my commentary:

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3 comments on “LaVoris, again … ( need I say more? )

  1. Old news from Wednesday, September 16, 2015 [emphasis added]

    Nonetheless, from a recent comment posted to a story completely unrelated to the Society:

    REMEMBER! NEVER make the mistake of getting involved with the irregular, pretentious and altogether blasphemous and heretical Latin Mass celebrating organization called The Society of St. Pius X, or SSPX. It is very easy to confuse the two [i.e., with the Fraternal Society of Saint Peter] from the outside. They also do the Latin Mass but they don’t have good relations with the Vatican and they actually hate the Pope. They were founded in the seventies by a disobedient French bishop, bp. Lefebvre, and disobedient they remained until now. Stay away from them!

    The comment was not corrected by anyone on the ChurchMilitant staff or any other comment-makers, the likes of which I suspect are banned (as I am) from commenting on ChurchMilitant.

    Also, a July 4, 2016, misinformed or “disinforming” (after the former Soviet practice of Dezinformatsiya) post Rome still demands that SSPX accept Vatican II as read in light of Tradition by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th., closed the comments box before any could be made!

    Thus, ChurchMilitant apparently wants to give only its version of news and views about the Society, not wishing to correct any errors (including half-truths and whole lies) or allowing such to be corrected by comment-makers.

  2. Thanks for the correction, Tom.

    I saw today’s date and didn’t look closely enough to check the year. I may have to visit your home state and see YOUR optometrist. Obviously, I need one!

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