Australian bishop denies supporting same-sex unions

Australian bishop denies supporting same-sex unions

[Hat-tip to Canon212: “Pro-Gay Australian FrancisBishop Long walks back, denies supporting same-sex unions”]

Catholic World News – September 15, 2016

An Australian Catholic bishop has issued a statement denying that he supported same-sex unions in a public lecture.

In a response to what he characterized as “misinterpretating of the lecture, especially in the secular media,” Bishop Vincent Long of Paramatta said that he had called for “respectful langauge and pastoral engagement” with homosexuals, but had not endorsed homosexual activity or a homosexual lifestyle. “To accept a person’s sexual identity does not mean to condone his or her behavior which are [sic] contrary to moral norms and the church’s teaching,” he said. He explained that he wished to make “a welcoming space for all people, including those who have been alienated such as our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.”

Bishop Long said that his lecture was an effort “to articulate an understanding of the vision of Pope Francis of what the church is and our response to this vision in the light of the challenges we face today.”

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  1. Why have they been alienated? We didn’t alienate them; they alienated themselves.

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