“The Church is not split between traditionalists and progressives, but between Catholics and modernists.”

“The Church is not split between traditionalists and progressives, but between Catholics and modernists.”

September 9, 2016
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So said the well-known liturgist Msgr. Nicola Bux. To help explicate his definition a little more, consider the two items below. First, a priest in Sicily – mirroring more than one in Spain, for centuries perhaps the most Catholic country in the world – has blessed a lesbian couple in church, and called for the Church to “bless gay unions:”

What is true in Spain, is also possible in Italy. A priest of the Archdiocese of Palermo, where Pope Francis recently installed a “Bergoglian” as archbishop, “blessed” a lesbian couple. “I hope that the church will one day bless gay unions,” said the priest.

The Sicilian case is reminiscent of those in Castellón in Spain, where a priest “blessed” a lesbian couple in the Church. The priest then denied the blessing: He had “only” blessed the “love.” The two lesbians had however sent “wedding invitations.”

The former Jesuit church of Palermo, which is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier, has long been “committed” to the acceptance of aberrosexuality……..

………..Don Scordato congratulated the lesbian couple explained his decision and blessed it in the church. He called upon the church to “impartially receive and to pray for the couple,” the two lesbians.

The incident not only drew attention all over Italy in the leftist media but was also part of a documentary about and for “gay marriage” in Italy.

The two women, Elisabetta Cina (49) and Serenella Fiasconaro (46) are not practicing Catholics. But both are active in the gay scene and are committed sociopolitically for the recognition of homosexuality. Both have appeared already in T-shirts with provocative inscriptions in public. [So this was not an act about “welcoming” or “acceptance,” this was a nakedly political act to achieve a political end. It was, also, a religious act, a demonstration of fealty to the religion of leftist sexular paganism over the Catholic Faith.]

Critics accuse the pair and Don Scordato of putting on a subversive act with the aim of overthrowing the doctrine of the Catholic Church on aberrosexuality.

“The two women one day came to me and asked me to bless their wedding rings. The Church does not allow the sacrament of marriage for homosexual couples. I have invited them to come to Mass to introduce themselves to the community, because the Church has to accept all,” said Don Scordato last Sunday before calling the lesbian couple to meet him at the altar. Then he called on the faithful, “to greet the two and their love with a round of applause.” [Did not our Blessed Lord advise His disciples to shake the dust from their very shoes when places would not receive the Gospel? Did he not say to let those who persist manifestly in grave sin, after being counseled as to its evil (and this sin of same-sex perversion is so well-known and so against the natural law that no real counsel is necessary), to be as heathens and publicans to the Church, and to have nothing to do with them? Did He say to endorse their sin and give it Church recognition and glorification? This is precisely the kind of redefinition of the Church along marxist lines outlined in AA-1025, which may or may not have been an actual biography, but it was certainly prophetic nonetheless]

Moving on, to further illustrate how the Left operates, it is being reported that a group of 45 priests and scholars wrote a private letter – subsequently leaked with signatures attached, probably by allies of Francis – to the Sacred College of Cardinals imploring them to lobby Francis to effectively rescind, by way of clarification, the many problematic (read as novel, to many, even heterodox) portions of Amoris Laetitia. Those priests and scholars are now reportedly being heavily persecuted with the aim of getting them to repudiate their criticism or at least distance themselves from the letter:

Not long ago, as is well known, a group of 45 scholars, teachers, and pastors, wrote a Letter. (I emphasise that these people came from a wide variety of countries throughout the world: I emphasise this because I do not want what I am about to say to be narrowly construed as a criticism of any members of the English Church.) The Letter was addressed to each member of the Sacred College of Cardinals respectfully asking them to beg the Holy Father graciously to consider the clarification of certain parts of Amoris laetitia which have proved to be dangerously ambiguous……..

……..Intimidation and cruel pressures have, it appears, been applied to persuade some of the signatories to the Letter to rescind their signatures.”

Intimidation and persecution is how the Left has always worked. From the protestant revolt through the French Revolution to every communist government to the political correctness, “safe spaces” and “bake the damn cake” policies of today, the Left has almost never gained power without repression and intimidation, generally of a very violent kind. For that matter, they rarely let go their grip on power without a healthy amount of blood being spilled. Something to consider as we witness the resurgence of the leftist-modernist clique in the Church.

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2 comments on ““The Church is not split between traditionalists and progressives, but between Catholics and modernists.”

  1. YES! The Church is not split between traditionalists and progressives, but between Catholics and modernists. The sooner everyone realizes this truth, the better.

  2. WORDS, as Antonio Gramsci pointed out, are powerful weapons. Because the term “couple” implies a male-female pair of human beings, the term “couple” should never be used to refer to two aberrosexuals. Rather than writing “lesbian couple,” we should write “two lesbians.”

    Furthermore, because a biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choice or conduct does not constitute or define a human being’s sexuality; rather it is merely an aberrant, incorrect or unnatural use of their sexual organs, it is erroneous and misleading to refer to this behavior or conduct as “homosexuality” or “aberrosexuality”. It should properly be referred to as aberrosexualism (homosexualism).

    REMEMBER: the suffix “ity” means an “attribute, a cause or quality of being”; it refers to a “characteristic or state of being,” whereas the suffix “ism” means an “attitude, idea, or concept”; it refers to a behavior or a practice. That is why we do not say “lesbianity,” but rather “lesbianism;” nor do we say “cannibality,” but rather “cannibalism.”

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