Obama’s $91M refugee grant silencing Catholics on Hillary?

Obama’s $91M refugee grant silencing Catholics on Hillary?

Saturday, September 10, 2016 | Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow)

The Obama administration’s $91 million refugee grant to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is being credited with purchasing the virtual silence of the bishop on the extreme pro-abortion agenda propagated by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The alleged ploy to help Clinton get into the White House is reportedly a not-too-unfamiliar tactic used by the Democrats during election time.

“After leaked documents show billionaire George Soros has been trying to purchase influence with Catholic Church leadership in the United States and Rome to advance his ’progressive’ agenda, details continue to surface that raise the question of just how successful Soros may have been in his quest,” LifeSiteNews reports.

Following the money

The pro-life media hub explains that the American Catholic hierarchy is replacing the issue of the sanctity of human life as its top cause with other issues that are more palatable for progressives … in order to channel in more money.

“[The Catholic Church is] relegating the pro-life ministries to the doctrinal ash heap and committing funds and personnel to promote environmental and migration issues,” a new report on the matter asserted, according to LifeSiteNews.

Elizabeth Yore, an attorney and international child rights advocate, argues that money is the real issue at hand here.

“Migration pays very well – pro-life pays nothing,” Yore told LifeSiteNews before noting that the Obama administration has given thousands of federal grants and contracts to the Catholic Church, including many grants this fiscal year for hundreds of millions of dollars to the USCCB, Catholic Charities, CRS and the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC).

“[The Catholic Church has received] jaw-dropping grants to carry out the Obama agenda,” Yore continued. “We’ve got the most virulently anti-life administration in the history of the United States, and the Catholic Church is propping up the administration. I find it very troubling that the Church is cooperating with the Obama administration.”

The pro-life lawyer stressed in a report posted by The Remnant that three of the grant recipients are part of the continuing fiscal relationship between U.S. bishops and the Obama administration, and numbers have been provided showing the exact amounts.

“The figures available on the USASpending.gov website show the USCCB garnering more than $91 million for refugee resettlement programs, more than $202 million going to Catholic Charities, which also serves refugees, and the Boston-based ICMC getting more than $17 million in government funds stipulated entirely for U.S. refugee resettlement,” LifeSiteNews’ Lisa Bourne informed.

Yore acknowledged the vast amounts the Catholic Church is raking in, telling LifeSiteNews that “the size of these grants is enormous.”

Silence helping Clinton

It is feared that the bishops of America’s Catholic Church are too reliant on the Obama administration’s funding, and in return, it is staying silent the Clinton/Kaine ticket’s radical pro-abortion agenda.

“It appears that the bishops’ conference has become a virtual vendor of the federal government,” The Christian Review Publisher and Editor Deal W. Hudson argued. “Yes, there are some bishops and priests reminding Catholics to consider the abortion issue in casting their ballots, but the number is pitifully small, resulting in virtual silence from the Church.”

According to Yore, politics is replacing the evangelization that used to be administered by America’s Catholic missionary forerunners – so that Obama’s agenda of promoting is humanitarian efforts in the Syria’s refugee crisis is now an integral part of the Catholic Church’s mission. Championing the biblical perspective on the sanctity of human life used to be the major focus of the Catholic Church’s evangelism.

“That’s not what’s going on; it’s a bureaucracy that’s going on,” she insisted before noting a major contributor to Democrats’ liberal agenda. “Along comes mega-billionaire George Soros as the global architect of an international mass migration policy that fills the Catholic Church coffers and floods Europe and America with Muslim refugees.”

Yore is calling upon Catholics to see the light and call out the Church’s leadership for selling out to the Democrats and ultimately letting the party’s aggressive pro-abortion agenda move forward full force.

“Wake up, Catholics!” she exclaimed. “The USCCB and its partners are quietly assisting the Obama administration in resettling into the United States tens of thousands of Muslim Syrian refugees.”

Catholics targeting Trump

Yore – a member of the Heartland Institute delegation that is protesting the Vatican’s exclusion of all scientific opinions and reliance on population control experts – contends that the ambiguity about the true number of resettled refugees into the U.S. is evidence of a cover-up. She went on to mention how the Catholic bishops are also remaining silent on Clinton’s extreme abortion agenda because Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is laying out a plan to suspend the lucrative Muslim refugee resettlement program into the U.S. – a plan that would cost the Catholics untold millions.

Beyond silence on Clinton, bishops are following the Vatican’s directive and attacking Trump for jeopardizing their cash flow.

“It’s no surprise that New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan criticized Trump by writing that ‘Nativism is alive, well – and apparently popular!’” Yore insisted. “It’s no surprise that Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas condemned what he called the ‘déjà vu of immigrant bashing,’ reminding his diocesan Catholics of Trump’s words … It’s no surprise that LA Archbishop Jose Gomez opined that Trump’s stance on immigration ‘is not right.’”

She says it is a shame that the Catholic Church’s legacy of championing the sanctity of human life to America’s youth is coming to a tragic end.

“Catholics are witnessing the bureaucratic deconstruction of the pro-life movement in chanceries and the elevation of migration and immigration in its place,” Yore lamented, “Catholic children are learning about the sin of littering, the importance of tree hugging and sexual hugging in the latest Vatican sex education curriculum.”

Bracing for the Catholic leaders to continue going after the money, the pro-family attorney is anticipating more silence at the Bishop’s Conference about Clinton’s radical pro-abortion agenda and more criticism targeting Trump for his plan that addresses the national security concern brought upon by accepting more Syrian refugees.

“We hear much about ‘vote your conscience,’” Yore concluded. “This isn’t about conscience, folks – it’s about their checkbook.”

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2 comments on “Obama’s $91M refugee grant silencing Catholics on Hillary?

  1. The Cloward–Piven strategy is not just directed at secular institutions. Fabian Socialists and the Illuminati understand that the Church must be neutralized or bought, in order to remove the last obstacle to total control in imposing the dictatorship of relativism. Quote: “Catholics are witnessing the bureaucratic deconstruction of the pro-life movement…” That is essential because euthanasia is on the way. In Europe the demographics of the migration crisis are clearly designed to marginalize Christians and to attack them using surrogates. By destroying civilization it appears that the purpose is to create a social breakdown that will require police state measures of control (possibly by institutions like the U.N.). Modernist prelates are playing roulette in this political game, but their socialist triumphalism will backfire. Their Munchausen by proxy on immigration may feel good in its virtue signaling which may distract attention from other problems for a while but surrendering on abortion through silence will catch up with them. Hillary is no friend of the Church.

  2. The Bishops fall under Soros’s Catholic useful idiots definition ! Not only are they destroying the Church but the USA as well ! Despicable !

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