The Francis Effect in the Curia: More Unemployment

The Francis Effect in the Curia: More Unemployment

Dozens of executives and officials have been left jobless by the suppression of their offices. Including some bishops and one cardinal

by Sandro Magister
ROME, September 9, 2016

* * *

Two last observations:

For the first time in the history of the curia, today there are dicasteries that have been officially named . . . dicasteries. This apparent tautology has not been explained and it is not clear if it is definitive or temporary, in view of that organic reform of the curia which does not yet seem to be around the corner.

Temporary, however – literally: “ad tempus” – is the direct assumption of leadership by Pope Francis of the announced section for refugees and migrants in the new dicastery for the service of comprehensive human development.

This is an absolutely unprecedented decision, as Andrea Tornielli emphasized in “La Stampa,” while there is no foundation to the intriguing idea presented by the agency Zenit, according to which the decision had its root in the curial reform desired by Paul VI, to whom was attributed the intention of commandeering for himself the leadership of certain congregations, like that of the Holy Office and the one for bishops. When in reality, with the Montinian reform of the curia, what happened was the exact opposite.

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