Catholic College Cancels Talk by This Abortion Activist After Pro-Life People Protested

Catholic College Cancels Talk by This Abortion Activist After Pro-Life People Protested

[What the University claims about its Catholic identity]


As a Catholic institution of higher learning, Newman finds guidance in Ex corde ecclesiae and other teachings of the Catholic Church and draws nourishment from its relationships with surrounding Catholic communities and dioceses. At the same time, our Catholic identity is distinctively shaped by the influence both of our founders and sponsors, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, and of our namesake, the Catholic theologian and educator John Henry Cardinal Newman. From the Adorers, we receive our special mission of developing and empowering our graduates to work for the betterment of society—a mission inspired by the Adorers’ own founder, Saint Maria De Mattias. From Cardinal Newman, we inherit our vision of the university as an institution that educates the whole person to seek the truth and to lead a meaningful and purposeful life. Finally, with a strong liberal arts foundation, our curriculum honors the richness and vitality of our Catholic intellectual heritage while affirming the value of dialogue involving persons of varied cultures and religious traditions.

[And that every theology prof have a mandatum]


Yes, absolutely! Newman University requires that every Catholic professor of theology have the mandatum from the Bishop of Wichita. … The mandatum is the promise Catholic professors of theology make to think with the mind of the Church and to present no doctrine in their classroom which is not in accord with Catholic teaching. Every Catholic professor of theology at Newman University cherishes his or her current possession of the mandatum.


A Catholic university in Kansas canceled a campus event with a pro-abortion judge this week after pro-lifers launched an online protest, the Wichita Eagle reports.


Recently, Newman University’s history club invited Kansas Supreme Court Justice Carol Beier to speak and answer questions as part of a larger Constitution Day event on campus, according to the report. Beier was asked to talk about her role as a judge, the state constitution, the judicial system and law school, not abortion; however, her public role and her rulings on the court have been highly influential in abortion cases in Kansas.

In 2010, Kansasans for Life described Beier this way: “The abortion industry has no better ally than Justice Beier …” She sided with the abortion giant Planned Parenthood in three separate rulings, insuring that “abortion businesses remain above investigation and prosecution,” the state pro-life group wrote.

Pro-lifers who learned about the university’s invitation to Beier launched a social media in protest, saying her rulings on abortion went against Catholic teachings on the sanctity of life. The university responded this week by canceling the talk, according to the local report.

Kimberly Long, vice president and provost at the university, said they canceled because they were worried about Beier’s safety. She said some of the messages she received from protesters concerned her.

“There were no specific threats of violence, but … I found some of the things being said were quite unsettling,” Long said. “I decided it was in the best interests of good operations of the university to cancel the event.

“We worried about safety of students, and about perhaps having a guest on campus not be treated right. I hope that our civic discourse here would be respectful to all persons in the future. I felt the behaviors in some of the messages to me were not respectful,” she continued.

Pro-lifers posted several messages on the university’s Facebook page, asking that the event be canceled.

“Such a shame that a professed Catholic university is hosting such a controversial public official who firmly avows that the right to abort a child – the 3rd trimester of all times – should be legal,” Christi Hoskins Weber wrote.

“Absolutely disgusted that my alma mater, Newman University, is hosting pro-abortion Kansas Supreme Court Justice Carol Beier to speak this Friday on campus for Constitution Day,” another person who identified as a former Newman student wrote.

The university provost declined to share the content of the “unsettling” messages she received with the local newspaper.

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