Blessing of Aberrosexual Couple in Sicily — The Church as “Social Centre”

Blessing of Aberrosexual Couple in Sicily — The Church as “Social Centre”

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred

Don Scordato Blesses Life Partners in Palermo

(Rome) What is true in Spain, is also possible in Italy. A priest of the Archdiocese of Palermo, where Pope Francis recently installed a “Bergoglian” as archbishop, “blessed” a lesbian couple. “I hope that the church will one day bless gay unions,” said the priest.
The Sicilian case is reminiscent of those in Castellón in Spain, where a priest “blessed” a lesbian couple in the Church. The priest then denied the blessing: He had “only” blessed the “love.” The two lesbians had however sent “wedding invitations.”
The former Jesuit church of Palermo, which is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier, has long been “committed” to the acceptance of aberrosexuality.

Pastor Cosimo Scordato called two lesbians last Sunday before the start of the Mass on the altar, to announce their upcoming civil “marriage”. The Italian parliament decided last February, referring to a judgment of the European Court of Human Rights, for the legalization of a de facto legal institution for aberrosexual liaisons.
Don Scordato congratulated the lesbian couple explained his decision and blessed it in the church. He called upon the church to “impartially receive and to pray for the couple,” the two lesbians.
The incident not only drew attention all over Italy in the leftist media but was also part of a documentary about and for “gay marriage” in Italy.
The two women, Elisabetta Cina (49) and Serenella Fiasconaro (46) are not practicing Catholics. But both are active in the gay scene and are committed sociopolitically for the recognition of homosexuality. Both have appeared already in T-shirts with provocative inscriptions in public.
Critics accuse the pair and Don Scordato of putting on a subversive act with the aim of overthrowing the doctrine of the Catholic Church on aberrosexuality.
“The two women one day came to me and asked me to bless their wedding rings. The Church does not allow the sacrament of marriage for homosexual couples. I have invited them to come to Mass to introduce themselves to the community, because the Church has to accept all,” said Don Scordato last Sunday before calling the lesbian couple to meet him at the altar. Then he called on the faithful, “to greet the two and their love with a round of applause.”

A prompt, docile acquiescence prevailed among those present in the majority. “Don Scordato was fantastic,” said the two lesbians. “His naturalness surprised us.”
“My hope is that the Church will accept one day to bless homosexual relationships,” said Don Scordato. At the same time he announced other gay couples in the same way and his desire to bless them. “Things are changing – slowly, but” said the church rector.
In 2011 Don Scordato had criticized Benedict XVI. publicly as “homophobic” and thus harvested the applause of gay organizations, “The gays have the right to love,” said the diocesan priest, because “what matters is love.”
From his parish, which he took over in 1986, he made a (left) Social Centre. It is “politically independent”, but “not apolitical” about being “non-denominational” but “open to all”. Don Scordato says of himself that he is “in love with liberation theology.”

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2 comments on “Blessing of Aberrosexual Couple in Sicily — The Church as “Social Centre”

  1. It is very good that you use the term aberrosexual to identify biologically aberrant, morally deviant sexual behavioral choices. However, it’s important to bear in mind that a biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choice or conduct does not constitute or define a human being’s sexuality; rather it is merely an aberrant, incorrect or unnatural use of their sexual organs.

    An aberrant sexual behavioral choice is not an immutable characteristic, genetic trait or inherent part of a person’s nature, therefore, it is erroneous and misleading to refer to this behavioral choice as “homosexuality” or “aberrosexuality”. It should properly be referred to as aberrosexualism (homosexualism).

    The suffix “ity” means an “attribute, a cause or quality of being”; it refers to a “characteristic or state of being,” whereas the suffix “ism” means an “attitude, idea, or concept”; it refers to a behavior or a practice. That is why we do not say “lesbianity,” but rather “lesbianism;” nor do we say “cannibality,” but rather “cannibalism.”

    Scientific research has never demonstrated that there is any location on any human chromosome and/or any combination of amino acids that is “responsible” for so-called sexual “orientation” or disorientation, as the case may be. On the contrary, science has shown that individuals freely choose their sexual behavior; that sexual behavior is never an imperative or mandate of Nature. Indeed, aberrosexualism, generally, or homosexualism, specifically, is clearly a choice against Nature.

    The proper or correct use of the sexual organ is orthosexuality, not “heterosexuality,” as widely thought. The aberrant or improper use of the sexual organ is Aberrosexualism, of which sodomy is but one version. Orthosexuality and aberrosexualism are antonyms.

    Aberrosexualism Defined

    From a medical/clinical standpoint, aberrosexualism is a generic term for psycho-sexual or personality disorders characterized by the practice or attachment to aberrant, unnatural or bizarre sexual behavioral choices, such as homosexualism, bisexualism, zoophilism, lesbianism, necrophilism, sadomasochism, voyeurism, fetishism, scopophilism, etc.

    From an ideological standpoint, aberrosexualism is the name of the controversial ideology that advocates the total normalization and social integration of sexual behavioral choices that are biologically aberrant or that deviate morally from what is natural, normal or sane. Aberrosexualism is an ideology that aggressively opposes the traditional Western concepts of human sexuality, monogamous marriage and the family.

    • Thank you Dr. Rios! I appreciate the -ity vs -ism more now, especially with the example of “canibality” Ha!

      If you get a chance, maybe you could post your comment at the original site of the article, too:

      “Orthosexuality” is a new word for me. If it helps wake folks up to the errors all about us, then good. The problem in the Church is an acceptance of birth control, i.e., limiting family size via NFP or other means. Until the original teaching on the primary end of marriage is restored, Catholics will be impotent in this fight.

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