Pro-abortion Justice Ginsburg to appear at Notre Dame events

Pro-abortion Justice Ginsburg to appear at Notre Dame events

Lisa Bourne

SOUTH BEND, Indiana, September 7, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the U.S. Supreme Court’s most pro-abortion and gay “marriage” justices, is scheduled for two appearances next week at the University of Notre Dame.

Advocates of Catholic identity at Notre Dame and other Catholic colleges expressed concern and criticism over the university hosting Ginsburg.

William Dempsey, president of the Board of Directors of the Sycamore Trust, a group of Notre Dame alumni, isn’t as troubled over her scheduled “conversation with law students,” calling it “unexceptionable.”

“That will be Notre Dame functioning as a university,” Dempsey said.

Ginsburg’s general appearance at the university, however, is another matter, where Dempsey expects her to be publicly lauded despite her support for abortion and homosexual “marriage,” both of which violate Catholic Church teaching, and despite the justice’s opposition to religious liberty, such as in the Hobby Lobby case.

“The Justice’s appearance thereafter in the Purcell Pavilion before what will be a very large audience — ticket distribution has been suspended — will plainly be something quite different,” Dempsey told LifeSiteNews. “It will be a celebratory appearance in which the Justice will be fulsomely praised and warmly applauded.”

“That will be Notre Dame functioning as an admirer of one of the country’s most influential supporters of abortion and same-sex marriage and influential opponents of religious liberty,” he continued. “That is to say, as with Notre Dame’s recent award of the Laetare Medal to Vice President Joe Biden, it will be Notre Dame proclaiming once again that neither secular academe nor anyone else opposing the Church on these vital issues ought to hold Notre Dame’s professed Catholicism against it.”

Ginsburg’s “conversation” with Notre Dame law students will be Tuesday, September 13, according to the university’s website. The event is scheduled for an hour in the middle of the school day at an on-campus courtroom. Ginsburg is slated to “talk with students about a variety of issues” at the event moderated by a Notre Dame associate law professor who also directs its Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Ginsburg will also “share a conversation with the university community” the night before, “engag(ing) in a dialogue on a wide range of issues” with Notre Dame alum and Trustee and U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Ann Claire Williams. As of August 31, ticket reservations for the two-hour September 12 event sponsored by the Office of the University President, Notre Dame Law School and Notre Dame Student Government group were suspended because of high demand.

Appointed in 1993 by Bill Clinton, Ginsberg has a history of open and ardent support for abortion and homosexual “marriage.”

The justice presided over a homosexual “marriage” for two men last year, at least her fourth such ceremony, and one that took place between the time Ginsburg and her colleagues on the Supreme Court heard arguments and rendered a decision in the June 2015 Obergefell case redefining marriage.

In a 2009 New York Times interview on abortions and government-funded healthcare, Ginsburg said Medicaid should cover abortions, and that she had originally thought Roe v. Wade would enable such coverage so as to control the population of groups “that we don’t want to have too many of.” Three years later, she later backpedaled on the statement.

Last year, she referred to pro-life laws regulating the abortion industry as a “crying shame” for purportedly making abortion inaccessible to poor women.

Cardinal Newman Society Editor Adam Cassandra sees issues with both campus appearances, telling LifeSiteNews, “Obviously, there are Catholic identity concerns in that Justice Ginsburg has been very outspoken, especially recently, in her public advocacy for abortion and same-sex ‘marriage’ in opposition to Church teaching — which isn’t mentioned in Notre Dame’s news release about these ‘conversations.’”

“It’s unclear if any representative of Notre Dame will be willing and able to adequately challenge her on such topics should they come up,” Cassandra stated. “Simply leaving it to one or two students to explain why Justice Ginsburg is wrong on these important moral issues would be abdication of the Notre Dame’s responsibilities as a Catholic university.”

“But this is the same university that just awarded Vice President Joe Biden its highest honor for an American Catholic despite decades of public opposition to Church teaching,” he continued, “so it’s not likely the incidence of scandal is something the current Notre Dame administration would care about now.”

“Still,” he concluded, “Notre Dame continues to be a Catholic university, and we should expect that every official action of the university is in accord with its Catholic identity, per Ex corde Ecclesiae.”

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  1. This isn’t rocket science, folks. Notre Dame’s president is a fruitcake and a progressive modernist who tends toward the liberal trendy side politically. That is the explanation. He has an ardent admiration for political figures who enable the progressive agenda that panders to fruitcakes (like Obama whom he gave an honorary doctorate). Modernist fruitcakes seek common cause with secular progressives and left-wing feminists in the battles of political correctness and social change. Their sacraments of progressive neo-Gnosticism (abortion and same-sex marriage) always get a pass from disoriented modernist fruitcake clergy. It will never end as long as Notre Dame is under the control of a liberal fruitcake (and a progressive anti-Catholic liberal pro-abortion board and faculty). This is the “fruit” of the Land O’Lakes conference agenda.

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