Pope Francis to address gathering of world’s wealthiest and most famous

Pope Francis to address gathering of world’s wealthiest and most famous

Jan Bentz

ROME, Italy, September 7, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Time/Fortune Global Forum 2016 announced that Pope Francis will give an address to their inaugural gathering of the world’s top 500 CEOs and Time magazine’s 100 most influential people. The unprecedented meeting will take place in Rome and the Vatican on December 2-3. The two-day conference will be capped by an address from the Holy Father, Time announced Tuesday.

The grand event follows Time magazine’s nomination of Pope Francis as the Person of the Year in his election year of 2013. In a video titled “Why TIME chose Pope Francis,” TIME contributor Howard Chua-Eoan explained that it is Pope Francis’ “openness” to people with homosexual tendencies, women who have had abortions, and “divorced” and “remarried” Catholics that inspired the nomination. “He is just more open so these people are willing to come back to the Church without having to deal with the actual rules.”

Regarding the choice of placing the global conference in Rome and the Vatican, TIME explained that Pope Francis plays a central role in the efforts for social justice by speaking out on issues as global economics, the growing wealth gap, and his statement that the “distribution of the fruits of the earth and human labor is a moral obligation.”

“Time Inc. is honored to present this unique gathering of global influencers and to facilitate discussions around some of the most critical issues of our time. We are hopeful that this rare event in partnership with the Vatican has the potential to impact the way the world thinks about these issues,” said Joe Ripp, chairman and CEO of Time Inc.

With the motto “The 21st Century Challenge: Forging a New Social Compact,” CEOs from companies including IBM, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey, PepsiCo, and Siemens as well as non-profit organizations, including the Rockefeller and Ford foundations will lead discussions aimed toward finding concrete solutions for problems of global health, food and water, energy, the environment, and financial inclusion to combat poverty on an international scale. The Rockefeller and Ford foundations have deep ties to Planned Parenthood and have supported efforts to spread abortion in other countries.

It is not the first time the world’s rich and famous have been afforded unprecedented Vatican access. Forbes magazine revealed that the Sistine Chapel was rented out in 2014 to the Porsche company for a $10,000 a plate dinner and concert fundraiser. Last May, “The Edge,” guitar player for the Irish rock band U2, was invited to stage the first-ever rock concert in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel. The concert was embedded in the framework of the Cellular Horizons Conference to combat cancer.

While the upcoming Global Forum certainly gives Pope Francis the possibility to get up close and personal with the stars, the question remains if the attendees will be able to grasp the Catholic spirit of helping the helpless. For the Catholic, the dignity of any person – rich or poor – comes from the dignity imbued by God in creating man in His image and likeness. The agenda-laden philanthropy of the major corporations is a far cry from selfless love; the foundation for giving oneself on one’s own expense to Christ in the neighbor, an example given freely by so many saints.

Pope Francis putting his head together with the most influential and rich people in the world – a world that usually has nothing good to say about the Church – might give the impression of submission to the world. The autonomy from the world’s machinations that Pope Francis enjoys merely by being the Vicar of Christ on Earth may be compromised by the world’s largest corporations trying to drag him to their side. Should not the Pope be the “stumbling stone” for those who seek self-gratification in their philanthropic works? The question remains: Does the Pope need the visits of these celebrities, or do the celebrities need them for their own careers?

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3 comments on “Pope Francis to address gathering of world’s wealthiest and most famous

  1. Quote: “In a video titled “Why TIME chose Pope Francis,” TIME contributor Howard Chua-Eoan explained that it is Pope Francis’ “openness” to people with homosexual tendencies, women who have had abortions, and “divorced” and “remarried” Catholics that inspired the nomination. “He is just more open so these people are willing to come back to the Church without having to deal with the actual rules.”

    Well, the Illuminati hired him to promote climate change and global warming hysteria, so it’s only fair that they honor him for helping to tame and neutralize Catholicism. Judas only got thirty pieces of silver.

    • Here’s a little thought experiment for discussion.

      E Michael Jones’ theory is that the real breakdown in American Catholicism arrived with Pearl Harbor.

      Up until then, the Modernists here were still 99% subterranean, although (and this is a point I am not sure, since Jones is vociferously anti-traditionalist, that the he would agree to) they were plotting away and making inroads in the Vatican under Pius XII and “small potatoes” liturgical experimentation were covertly making headway.

      But, with American Catholic men conscripted into fighting a two front war, both of which were readily preventable from America’s perspective, American housewives were forced into factories. And children were being indoctrinated in classrooms by “American exceptionalists,” ecumaniacs, secularists, etc.

      Once the war was over for Americans, long-separated Catholic families had already been made easier pickings for socialists in the elitist community.

      TV made headway, along with Hollywood (a jewish construct according to Jones) and journalism (always a left-leaning club) was fast becoming a much more powerful propaganda machine.

      Add to that the new mass-consumption movement, fueled by enormous economic expansion that reached its apex during the Reagan years…

      Then toss in the systematic elimination of ethnic Catholic urban ghettos (cf., Pat Buchanan’s autobiography and Jones’ history of Cd. Kroll in Philadelphia) under the false flag of “white flight”…

      and the Catholic ethos in America simply evaporated.

      By the 60s, the revolutionaries had total control of the culture. Woodstock, sexual liberation, feminism and the drug culture – all starring jewish revolutionary icons, from Abbie Hoffman to Bob Dylan – found little resistance among school age and college age Catholics.

      Vatican II, which Jones contends was a psy ops effort by the CIA (a point I find difficult to take seriously) put paid to any remaining hope for a Catholic revival.

      Now, half a century later, the whole Vatican II shtick is nothing more than a bloody flag waved about by men like Bergoglio, Aviz, Maradiaga, etc. It still serves it purpose, like the Little Red Book of Chairman Mao, but 99.9% of American Catholics have been fully co-opted.

      It is a miracle that even co-opted Catholics in the Nervous Ordeal still, among the one in five still going to Mass occasionally, believe in the True Presence or the need for the Sacraments, especially Confession.

      Essentially, American Catholics went from a fervent state to becoming members of a slave state.

      Monsignor Fenton of glorious memory put his finger on the problem when he wrote that since St Pius X, all the papacy has seen is ever more “tolerant” popes who managed to appoint ever more stupid bishops.

      Anyway, the whole pope as a CFR “hero” and the war being planned by Aviz to destroy contemplative nuns all over the world may seem a little less illogical if at least some of what appears above represents phenomenae that actually occurred.

  2. Valid points. The war, along with television and the move to suburbia changed Catholic culture in America considerably. The G.I. Bill sent many Americans to college where some indoctrination took place. The Pill and the Sexual Revolution followed around the same time as Vatican II when Freud was being popularized for Americans brainwashed by Hollywood, television, and the media.

    Everyone should visit an older Catholic parish in an American city and take a look around. For those of us who lived through the revolution and the counterculture it is easy to see how the suburban style of culture that was invented after World War II and through the 1960s and 1970s was pretty absurd. Kids who grew up in the suburbs and who were indoctrinated by secular liberalism and progressive modernism (the Spirit of Vatican II) were cut off from the Catholic tradition and many aspects of Catholic culture. Catholics need to rethink this project of Vatican II in the suburbs. There needs to be a serious rethinking of the suburban parish and the “ugly as sin” ultra-modernist spaceship parishes. Catholicism doesn’t work too well in that setting. If you live in the suburbs it is highly likely that you are surrounded by lunatics who have no clue what is really going on. The neo-Calvinist guy on the riding mower who spends HOURs edging his driveway is probably crazy.

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