Francis appointed Bishop of Paramatta in Australia demands Catholic Faith accept “sodomy!”

Francis appointed Bishop of Paramatta in Australia demands Catholic Faith accept “sodomy!”

Posted by Vox Cantoris at Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Well, well, well; look what’s happening in the land down under.

Filial respect? Deference to authority?

To what, this little excuse of a man?


This most fortunate survivor of communism has used that great grace to undermine the faith and join the secularist, Marxists and homosexualists in demanding that the Church of Christ do something that it cannot do.

He must have snuck in to the episcopate from the back door.

The bishop of the Catholic diocese of Parramatta has called on the church to accept homosexuality, lamenting that the faith is not a “trailblazer” against inequality. Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen has gone further than the Pope, who has said God loves and accepts gay people.

Bishop Long said it was not good enough to treat gay people with compassion and then define their lifestyle as “intrinsically disordered”.

The comments, del­ivered in a speech in western Sydney last month, are likely to cause consternation in the church hierarchy, which is against same-sex marriage.

“We cannot talk about the ­integrity of creation, the universal and inclusive love of God, while at the same time colluding with the forces of oppression in the ill-treatment of racial minorities, women and homosexual persons,” Bishop Long said. “It won’t wash with young people, especially when we purport to treat gay people with love and compassion and yet define their sexuality as ‘intrinsically disordered’.

This is particularly true when the church has not been a shining beacon and a trailblazer in the fight against inequality and ­intolerance.”

Bishop Long was appointed by Pope Francis in May to lead one of Australia’s largest dioceses. The speech is in direct contrast to the views of his predecessor at the diocese, Anthony Fisher, who is now the most senior Catholic in NSW as Archbishop of Sydney.

The Australian reported in May that Archbishop Fisher condemned the anti-bullying Safe Schools program as even more radical and dangerous social engin­eering than same-sex marriage, to which he is also vehement­ly opposed.

Bishop Long fled Vietnam on a boat in 1979, eventually making it to Australia as a refugee. In his speech, he said the gospel showed that it was the holders of tradition who were often guilty of “prejudice, discrimination and oppressive stereotype”.

“That is what Jesus consistently does. He has a habit of challenging ingrained stereotyped attitudes, subverting the tyranny of the majority, breaking social ­taboos, pushing the boundaries of love and redefining its meaning,” Bishop Long said. “He questioned the prevailing assumptions and stereotyped attitudes. He turned the presumed order of moral goodness upside down.”

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One comment on “Francis appointed Bishop of Paramatta in Australia demands Catholic Faith accept “sodomy!”

  1. See, one of the things that happened during and after the cold war, was that the world was seen as bipolar. People saw the world divided between Communist and Democracy. World War II shattered the plurality of ideologies and political states. If one rebelled against the US occupation of Europe, it was seen as benefitting the USSR. Germany had to lay low and keep quiet for fear of helping the other side. Today, with the fall of the USSR, the world is not afraid to experiment outside of the permitted liberal western parameters of acceptable rightwing ideologies. The
    Right is not afraid as much, to stand up to the great “Guardian” of leftist Enlightenment expansion, which the US really is. Freedom of speech and assembly is only OK if the Truth speaks freely , not any opinion among many. The US ideology is any Opinion should be embraced, without any deep understanding.
    The problem is that those who fought on the side of the US in the Cold War still see it as “Good vs. Evil”. They have to break out of that mindset. Both thr UD and USSR are evil, the US was for a short moment in history, the apparent lesser Evil.

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