Pope Claims Environmentalism A Work Of Mercy – At Soros’ Bidding?

Pope Claims Environmentalism A Work Of Mercy – At Soros’ Bidding?


Remember “Father Goodvibes“? At the end of that post, I expressed my hopes that such a scenario would remain a parody. Alas, such is not to be, as Pope Francis has swallowed the envirowhacko kool-aid. Moreover, it seems that he’s trying to force-feed Catholics that same poison on pain of sin!

Earlier today, at the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation”, the pope called “global warming” a “sin against God”, and must be “atoned” by recycling, separating trash, using public transportation, etc. He has gone so far as to designate “care of creation” as a de facto “Eighth Corporal Work of Mercy”.

Far from being a “work of mercy”, the embrace of environmentalism is to embrace knowingly the demonic, anti-life dictates of Satan himself. I and others have written extensively on:

1. The lack of true scientific basis for the “global warming” hysteria. Many scientists debunk the nonsense – and have paid dearly for it. Please read this link, and the links embedded therein. I strongly suggest watching the well-researched videos.

2. The anti-life motives of key leaders of this “global warming” schtick. More and more they are becoming quite brazen about their goals.

linked post in the last bullet highlighted the possible role that George Soros may be playing in this whole mess. We see in discoverthenetworks.org that Soros funds EarthJustice and Defenders of Wildlife. Human Events reveals some of his envirowhacko dabblings. Last week we learned that Soros gave $650 billion (not million but billion) to PICO and Faith In Public Life to sway bishops to doing his bidding. Father Sirico of the Acton Institute elaborated on that, calling these groups “Soros’s Catholic Useful Idiots”. Well, maybe these groups aren’t the only “useful idiots” in Soros’ back pocket. That may well apply to the pope himself, as he deliberately uses the weight of his high office to attempt to bind the consciences of Catholics into accepting “global warming” junk science.

“What’s that you say?” I hear the rose-glasses wearers shrieking. Well, the only other alternative is to suspect that the pope is a knowing and willing henchman of Soros’, if not a partner.

We must of course pray for the pope, that he takes up his task to defend the Teachings of Jesus Christ, not twist them to suit some well-heeled progressive megalomaniac.

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One comment on “Pope Claims Environmentalism A Work Of Mercy – At Soros’ Bidding?

  1. We now know for a fact after the things that came out about Soros and the Vatican are true. That Jorge Bergoglio (and others in the highest places in the Church) is a puppet of George Soros, and of the NWO.
    So this shouldn’t come as a surprise.
    I don’t like it.
    It makes me angry.
    But barring direct Divine intervention the conciliar church and its hierarchy will continue down this path to perdition.
    Bringing millions of souls with them

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