Radio Vatican Cuts Down Holy Rosary and Latin Mass on Its Regular Shortwave Broadcasts

Radio Vatican Cuts Down Holy Rosary and Latin Mass on Its Regular Shortwave Broadcasts

[Less prayer for broadcast slots for more politically-correct and puff pieces?]

Posted by Tancred on 9/3/16

Edit: picked up this story from ReviewBrah and thought it might be of interest. The following report is from Portale ItalRadio, dated from the end of July.

No more short waves for two of the most followed liturgical broadcasts of Vatican Radio. As from 1 August 2016, Latin Mass at 05:30 UTC and Rosary prayer at 18:40 UTC will be broadcast on the usual frequencies only on Sundays and Catholic holydays. No motivation is until now available.

The decision has been taken earlier this week by the Vatican Secretariat for Communications. Both broadcasts were especially meant to reach isolated people, travellers and all those who are prevented to attend a Mass in their country or to have a free access to the Internet.

ItalRadio express deeply concern for a totally inexplicable decision, a “hertzian-suicide” as we define it in a word …

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  1. [More from Fr. Z: Vatican radio to dismantle its entire short-wave kit and kaboodle]

    CQ CQ CQ – Ham Radio Thursday: Vatican Radio commits “hertzian-suicide”

    Posted on 1 September 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    I was alerted by a reader about this sad development via Portale ItalRadio:

    * * *

    Vatican Radio to leave Short Wave?

    Short wave transmitting centre at Santa Maria di Galeria (Rome) might be closed ina near future, Vatican Radio French and German newscasts stated, commenting the phasing out of short wave for daily Mass and Rosary prayer on weekdays, as from 1 August 2016. A new organization of Vatican media would enhance investments on digital media.

    According to the French service this modification paves the way to the “démantèlement progress if des antennes du centre d’émission de Santa Maria di Galeria” (progressive dismantling of antennas at Santa Maria di Galeria transmitting centre) the German service predicts its “Abschaltung” (disconnection).

    No further information was found in both English and Italian programmes.

    Vatican Radio transmitting centre is one of the most important broadcasting facility in the world and a reasearch center for telecommunications, highly respected everywhere. Many International broadcasters do exchange air time with Santa Maria to cover areas such as Africa, the Middle East and Europe. A closing down of the center will be a terrible strike to International broadcasting co-operation and a enormous waste of investments carried on for over 50 years. Italradio fiercely opposes the end of operation.

    And today…

    Radio Vaticana, the end will be only internet portal? [Google translation of the Italian, which is only what Fr. Z posted]

    Almost two months after the announcement given by Msgr. DE Viganò in San Marino, is confirmed by the national press that by year-end will be born the Radio Vaticana, a new institution for which the newspaper “La Repubblica” (08/31/2016) writes that “85 years after the birth of the first papal radio station designed by Guglielmo Marconi, at the end of the year at the Vatican will create a single broadcast transmission pole with the task of enhancing the spread in the world” of the word and the mission of the Pope to the Church and the Gospel, human promotion, the defense of the poor, of peace and of human and religious rights “through” the images, the words and the most significant ecclesial events, beatifications, papal trips, hearings. ”

    When Italradio has reviewed the conversation with San Marino RTV already seemed clear the project even if the unification should not mean necessarily that the dell’emittemte end, however, with the recent closures of more short-wave, seems to loom the rise of a project which – adds Orazio La Rocca “La Repubblica” – the “programs, objectives and new leadership of the nascent radio stations of the papal will be announced – we learn in circles close to the Secretariat for Communication -” shortly “before the end of the Holy Year” .

    Also recovering what has been announced by Msgr. D.E. Viganò in early August on “First Communication” (HERE), the Rome daily points out that the structure “will broadcast 24 hours a 24, through a large internet portal accessible to all, by which in addition to the activities of the Pope and of the life of Church can be followed in-depth programs, direct, comments, chronicles of religious events, media information and policies pursued by 40 foreign editorial offices of the radio station, for a total of about 60 different languages. ”

    Internet portal seems clear to us that is not a radio but something different and dangerously going to put in a corner listeners around the world in favor of a group of chosen to receive the message that is likely to get lost in the tide of network information . A network, perilous, notoriously controllable and lockable by governments and economic systems.

    We hope that the inevitable journalistic simplifications have so far prevented us from seeing what unfortunately appears in all its seriousness: some loss of independence in a world full of borders, just the Radio ensures the Pope’s message and information (free) that Vatican Radio has guaranteed for 85 years.

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