US CONGRESS: Pass the Save Christians from Genocide Act

US CONGRESS: Pass the Save Christians from Genocide Act


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By CitizenGO USA · 08/30/2016

The ruthlessness of the Islamic State against Christians and Yazidis continues to increase — acts of brutal torture, women enslaved and often raped, and families driven from their homes into what they see as exile. You’ve heard the countless testimonies from Christians and Yazidis as they face these unthinkable horrors. Now, we must take action!

You, with your voice (your signature), have a unique opportunity to directly influence Congress to take immediate action to help Christians and Yazidis find the help they’ve been praying and hoping for.

Please join us in supporting a key piece of legislation in the United States House of Representatives, H.R. 4017, known as the “Save Christians from Genocide Act.”

The Save Christians from Genocide Act was introduced by key conservative members of Congress as the situation for Christians in Iraq and Syria became even more dire, but the legislation was shrugged off by House leadership to the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.

The Save Christians from Genocide Act recognizes that Christians and Yazidis in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, and Libya are targets of genocide. The act will finally provide them with expedited refugee visas.

Many Christians have spent significant time in refugee camps or away from their families. They feel hopeless and forgotten. We must continue to be their voice.

The Save Christians from Genocide Act moves Christians and Yazidis to the front of the list.

Just this last June, the Obama administration accepted over 2,500 refugees from the Middle East, but 99% of them were Sunni Muslims.

While the President and members of Congress refuse to do their job and continue look the other way, we need to join together to support an act of Congress that will rescue these Christians in a desperate time.

We have an opportunity to bring life to this important resolution that was pushed aside. Sign our petition now to support the Save Christians from Genocide Act.

Your signature will be sent to House leadership and this petition will be presented in front of Congress next week. Please sign and share now! Time is short to make a difference.


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