Georgetown appoints Hindu chaplain

Georgetown appoints Hindu chaplain

[How soon before they appoint atheist, wiccan, and satanist chaplains?]

Catholic World News – August 31, 2016

Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic institution in the US, has become the first American college to engage a Hindu priest as a campus chaplain.

Brahmachari Vrajvihari Sharan has been appointed to provide spiritual leadership for the Hindus studying at the Jesuit university in Washington, DC. Father Greg Schenden, a Catholic chaplain, explained to the Washington Post that the school’s goal is to encourage spiritual growth for all students, regardless of their religious faith

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2 comments on “Georgetown appoints Hindu chaplain

  1. Probably the only chaplain on campus who actually believes the faith he is representing.

  2. They want to attract students from India for the pre-med program and business school. But non-Catholic clergy probably outnumber Jesuit priests now.

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