Indonesia: Muslim with ISIS flag stabs priest, tries to blow up church during mass, police search for motive

Indonesia: Muslim with ISIS flag stabs priest, tries to blow up church during mass, police search for motive

[Maybe because he didn’t shout “Allahu akbar”?]


This is way beyond ridiculous. He had a hand-drawn picture of an ISIS flag. He attacked a priest and tried to explode a bomb in a crowded church. His motive couldn’t possibly be clearer. But the denial and willful ignorance of authorities is all-pervasive.

Terror in Indonesia: Axe-wielding ISIS jihadi, 18, stabs Catholic priest, 60, before trying to blow up hundreds of worshippers during Sunday Mass,” by James Dunn, Mailonline, August 28, 2016:

An ISIS suicide bomber today attacked a Catholic priest with an axe as he tried to blow up hundreds of worshippers at a church during Sunday Mass.

Priest Albert Pandiangan, 60, was holding the holy ceremony at the altar when the 18-year-old fanatic rushed towards him with a backpack bomb and tried to blow himself up.

But the bomb burned without setting off the explosives, so the jihadi pulled an axe from his bag and slashed the priest’s arm at St Yoseph Church in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra in Indonesia.

The congregation then stepped in and managed to wrestle the axe from his grasp, detaining him until the police arrived.

As officers marched the suspect to the car, pictures show his white trousers soaked in blood. Police found his ID card and a hand-drawn picture of the ISIS flag.

The young fanatic also told police that he was not working alone.

He was later pictured at the police station with an officer holding his bloody head off the ground, where he was lying handcuffed.

‘Somebody tried to kill the priest by pretending to attend the church service and at that time tried to explode something, like a firecracker, but the firecracker didn’t explode, it only fumed,’ chief detective Nur Fallah said.

The priest suffered slight injuries and has been taken to hospital near where it happened.

A picture of the attacker’s ID card circulating online said he was Muslim….

Police are still investigating the man’s motive.

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One comment on “Indonesia: Muslim with ISIS flag stabs priest, tries to blow up church during mass, police search for motive

  1. [Motive and more]

    A 17 year old “inspired by attack on Fr. Jacques [Hamel and an offer of 10,000,000 rupees ($750)]” tries to murder priest

    Mathias Hariyadi

    Yesterday Ivan Armadi Hasugian tried to detonate a bomb in the church of St. Joseph in Medan. When the bomb failed to explode, the young man attacked Fr. Albert Pandiangan armed with ax and knife. The priest suffered a light wound to left arm. In the assailant’s backpack a note found reading: “There is no God but Allah”.


    Jakarta (AsiaNews) – The 17 year old who yesterday tried to kill a priest in the parish of St. Joseph in Medan (North Sumatra) was inspired by the murder of Fr. Jacques Hamel in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. This is according to Medan police chief Mardiaz Kusin Dwihananto,who added: “After seeing the terrorist attacks in France on the internet, the suspect tried to do the same thing here.”

    Yesterday Ivan Armadi Hasugian was sitting among the faithful during the Mass celebrated by the Capuchin priest Albert Pandiangan. After attempting to detonate an improvised explosive device hidden in his backpack, the boy launched himself against the priest wielding a knife and ax.

    Fr. Albert, who had just finished proclaiming the Gospel, managed to dodge the blow and in doing so was slightly wounded in his left arm. At that point the faithful immobilized the attacker and handed him over to police.

    Ivan Armadi Hasugian received some injuries to his face and back when the bomb failed to explode.

    Police requisitioned all the objects belonging to the attacker, including backpack, knife and a ticket with the Arabic inscription “La ilaha illalla”, which means “there is no other God but Allah.”

    Police in Medan added that the attack could have been motivated by the promise of 10 million rupees made to the boy by two unidentified men. Ivan Armadi Hasugian reportedly met with them a few days before the attack. Several witnesses in the church reported seeing two people flee the holy place when the bomb blast failed.

    It is not the first that an attack has taken place inside a church in Indonesia. On July 22, 2001 a bomb left five dead and a dozen injured in the parish of St. Anne in Duren Sawit (East Jakarta).

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