Benedict XVI resigned because of World Youth Day? Praises Raul Castro?

Benedict XVI resigned because of World Youth Day? Praises Raul Castro?

Posted by Vox Cantoris at Thursday, August 25, 2016

In a stunning report at La Stampa, Andrea Tornielli is reporting on an interview with Pope Benedict XVI, the Emeritus.

The question we need to ask is this, “was this really Joseph Ratzinger.”

If it was, “was he drugged to say such idiocy??

Or rather, “is it someone from Francis’ cabal creating, for them and their Peronist, some kind of cover?”

Or is it even more clear. “Joseph Ratzinger was not the Pope we believed him to be.”

“There were numerous commitments which I felt I was no longer able to carry through, notably, the World Youth Day which had been scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the summer of 2013. I was very certain of two things. After the experience of the trip to Mexico and Cuba, I no longer felt able to embark on another very demanding visit. Furthermore, according to the format of these gatherings, which had been established by John Paul II, the Pope’s physical presence there was paramount. A television link or any other such technological solution was out of the question. This was another reason why I saw it as my duty to resign.”

“The visit to Mexico and Cuba had been a beautiful and moving experience for me in many ways. In Mexico I was struck by the profound faith of so many young people who communicated their joyous passion for God. I was equally struck by the great problems afflicting Mexican society and by the Church’s efforts to seek a faith-based response to the challenge posed by poverty and violence. I need scarcely remind you of how impressed I was in Cuba to see the way in which Raul Castro wishes to lead his country onto a new path, without breaking with the immediate past. Here too, I was deeply impressed by the way in which my brothers in the Episcopate are striving to navigate through this difficult process, with the faith as their starting point. However, during those visits I became acutely aware of the limits of my physical strength. Above all, I realised that I was no longer able to face future transoceanic trips due to jet lag. Naturally, I discussed these problems with my doctor, Professor Patrizio Polisca too. It thus became clear that I would not be able to take part in the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro in 2013, there was the obvious jet lag problem. From that moment on, I had a relatively short amount of time to decide on the date of my withdrawal.”

If this is true, then it is quite clear to this writer that Joseph Ratzinger is not worthy of the respect which this writer previously gave him.

For World Youth Day? Not even for Wales? Praising a murderous villain such as an unrepentant Castro?

What a disgrace.

“Pray for me that I do not flee for fear of the wolves,” he said, Well, he abandoned his children to them.

God is truly punishing us.

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5 comments on “Benedict XVI resigned because of World Youth Day? Praises Raul Castro?

  1. Captain Kirk: Mister Spock! Pope Benedict resigning over an inability to attend World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro in 2013… analyze using your usual superior Vulcan logic which we no longer call “superior” so as to avoid being accused of excessive rigidity and neo-Pelagian triumphalism by liberals, progressive modernists, and professional Protestant convert bloggers now seeking new employment who might be offended by claims on behalf of Aristotelian logic…

    Spock: Fascinating, Captain. Obviously, since the T-shirts, balloons, and burlap banners for World Youth Day Rio 2013 had already been printed, and with the pop band booked for the Macarena while doing the Wave, backing out would have been a tremendous disappointment to Brazilian teenagers.

    Captain Kirk: Don’t you think that would have been a bit of an overreaction bordering on signs of senility?


    Professor Derrida: We should consider the symbolism and hermeneutics of World Youth Day T-shirts in light of the ecclesiology of the new evangelization of culture…

  2. Spock: I was left speechless for a moment, Captain, as I considered the spectacle of a Bavarian pope at World Youth Day in Rio. Obviously, incinerating hundreds of thousands of World Youth Day T-shirts would have posed global warming hazards, not to mention the disappointment for the silk-screen artists. The Holy Father may also have been concerned about the self-esteem of the teenagers hoping to engage in modernist liturgical dancing at World Youth Day.

    Captain Kirk: Yes, I’m sure that was the reason, Mister Spock.
    Well, it all makes sense now. Of course, it took a Vulcan mind to come up with the explanation.


    Posted by Oakes Spalding on THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 2016

    Pope Emeritus Benedict Praises Raul Castro, Claims He Resigned in Part Because He Couldn’t Make it to World Youth Day, Expresses Gratitude to Providence for the Election of Francis

    One would, I suppose, expect the Pope Emeritus to say nice things about Francis, though for faithful Catholics dreading each new day of the current pontificate, Benedict’s overly effusive praise of Francis’ election and his alleged quality of “being close to other people” are bound to more than grate.

    Regarding being “impressed” by Raul Castro and the collaborationist episcopate in Cuba: Castro is a brutal communist tyrant who personally shot “counter-revolutionary” prisoners. The Cuban bishops are even now helping him suppress dissent, including dissent among Catholics. Would the younger anti-communist Benedict have ever made such outrageous claims?

    Finally, that the universal head of the Catholic church felt it was his duty to resign (the first Pope in almost 600 years to do so) because he couldn’t manage to attend an outdoor festival of Catholic teenagers in Brazil is of course insane.

    I’m reminded of The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis. Everything you thought you could count on is going to pieces. Everyone you believed you could trust is betraying you.

    A donkey is wearing a lion’s coat.

    Now that the Olympics are over, which largely occupied my mind for the last two weeks, I feel a profound sense of depression. There is no new good news about the Church. None. A donkey is wearing a lion’s coat and the enemies of God are mocking and jeering.

    What new deviltry will the next day bring?

  4. Captain Kirk: You’re sure there was no other way but to resign?

    Spock: As I said before, Jim, the contracts with the T-shirt vendors for World Youth Day had already been signed. Such investments figure into these decisions at the Vatican Bank which does have holdings in cotton production and the garment industry. You can’t back out on that many T-shirts, even if you are the pope.

    Professor Derrida: World Youth Day T-shirts have become an essential part of the New Evangelization….

  5. Maybe Benedict and Bergoglio can get their NWO pal George Soros and their malthusian buddies at the U.N. to fork over a couple hundred million dollars to help the victims of the earthquake in Italy and to help rebuild?!
    After all, they’ve been good useful idiots for the promotion of the NWO and of the revolucion.
    It’s the least they could do!

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