SEE UPDATE IN 8th REPLY: NOT TRUE!!! (Does FSSP Now Withhold Absolution Unless Penitent Endorses the NO?)

This might just be a false report so I’m phrasing the subject as a question.

Someone I know through a Facebook forum (a person of sound mind, piety and character as far as one can determine such things through the internet) reported this morning that a friend had informed them that following a recent FSSP retreat, it is now the policy of the Fraternity to withhold absolution in cases where the penitent refuses to endorse and accept the Nervous Ordeal liturgy.

While the entire proposition is utterly preposterous and directly conflicts with the moto proprio of 2007 under Benedict XVI (the absolute right of every Catholic to assist at the Roman Rite of immemorial tradition,) this is a matter that certainly “could” be the case in the light of everything since 2013.

Please respond with any useful information you may have encountered in this regard.

Thank you.

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8 comments on “SEE UPDATE IN 8th REPLY: NOT TRUE!!! (Does FSSP Now Withhold Absolution Unless Penitent Endorses the NO?)

  1. How would that come up in Confession? An interrogation about where they were going to Mass? Had they been told to solicit promises to support Vatican II? Sounds like an abuse, if it happened.

    I have only heard of absolution being refused to someone repeatedly confessing abortions and the priest apparently took that as an indication of lack of contrition and, perhaps, to shock the woman into penitence (to stop having abortions).

    One of the odder reports was that of a graduate student at CUA who claimed that he had been asked what his Enneagram number was during a Confession (presumably by a disoriented modernist). Anyone frequenting the Spirit of Vatican II Novus Ordo needs to beware of the Enneagram cultists and their antics.

  2. Absolution applies to the Sacrament of Penance and not to the Eucharist. I’ve heard of “conditional” absolution in cases involving persons who attend independent traditional chapels but have not heard of anyone actually being denied absolution simply because they attend such a chapel. By independent I do not mean schismatic or sede – that is another matter entirely. Independents are those who are simply not given jurisdiction by the local Ordinary for reasons best known to him alone.

    • That predicament is a dicey one, Colonel. I have no personal familiarity with any such cases. It is true that a priest may be under sanction on political grounds (the number of such cases is probably not exactly tiny.)

      However, lack of faculties remains an administrative law issue and it can be a hornet’s nest for all involved. That has been central to the SSPX saga since the 80s.

      Nevertheless, it seems somewhat resolved, now.

      If I understand properly, both Benedict XVI and Francis have publicly spoken of the SSPX as Catholic and attested, at least Benedict has, to the validity of their Masses and Confessions.

      Which only makes my original question even more thorny since, if there is papal approbation for the Society’s validity why, if the report I mentioned is true, would the FSSP even want get into this matter?

      Those assisting at either SSPX or FSSP Masses are there not because they “endorse” the schismatic NO rite.

      It’s exactly the opposite, unless someone is merely an aficionado of medieval rituals and/or indifferent to sound theology.

      More ModChurch politics?

      • Oh, btw, I did know the venue in which absolution is provided, in case you thought (and I can easily understand why) that I’m a dunce.

        I wrote in haste and had in mind that since we all know that each Sacrament receive its efficacy from the Mass, that covered my point.

  3. Some deduction. Do you know which diocese this allegedly took place in? Quite possibly, the FSSP could be under some type of surveillance and investigation by the bishop’s spies and there is some semi-official order to get their lay followers to declare fidelity and submission to Vatican II. In order to gain favor from the bishop, this could be part of the purpose of such retreats. So, while allowing the Traditional Latin Mass, its attendees must make some declaration of belief in the modernist theology of Vatican II by diocesan order by the bishop. This could take various forms, depending on the bishop and the diocese, or the modernist theological seminary training of that bishop. Back in the days before Summorum Pontificum one of the obstacles used by modernists to block the TLM was whether those attending accepted and embraced Vatican II fully, as if there should be a theological quiz on the documents of Vatican II before every TLM.

    When Quattuor Abhinc Annos came along and Pope John Paull II granted permission for the Indult TLM in 1984, the diocese here had modernist fruitcake observers patrolling around in the Church like traffic cops looking for speeders and moving violations. At the same time, there was no concern about whether rubrics or theology were being followed properly at the Novus Ordo folk guitar hootenannies. Are Biden and Pelosi following Vatican II properly, in every theological document and proposition, when they attend the Novus Ordo?
    There is a double standard.

  4. You have to try to think like a progressive modernist in order to understand some of their head games. If your wife or your daughter is wearing a veil or you’re holding those Rosary beads too reverently, that could be a sign that you’re just not taking Gaudium et spes seriously enough in its embrace of the modern world and need to be sent back to a progressive modernist re-education camp to drink the Spirit of Vatican II Kool-Aid until you’re ready to join in on “Be Not Afraid” with the folk liturgy group and cooperate with the modernist perspective on ecumenical dialogue and the global dangers of air conditioning. Have you learned what your Enneagram number is?

  5. Father Sarducci: Learning your Enneagram number can be very helpful in the role-playing games we use when breaking up into teams for the Social Justice Committee.
    The Number Two type in the Enneagram, the Helper, often finds a role bringing a casserole or cake to the parish social, while the Number One type, the Reformer, may want to plan a street protest in progressive political action for Peace and Justice….


    There is NO, repeat NO, obligation for any penitent to endorse the NO as a condition for absolution.

    I just received a reply from the FSSP HQ in PA.
    From N.L (I won’t bother to completely identify the responder)
    Administrative Assistant
    FSSP / NA District HQ
    119 Griffin Rd
    Elmhurst Twsp, PA 18444

    “Dear Mr. _______

    Thank you for your inquiry. I don’t know where that information came from but it is certainly incorrect.

    Thank you for checking with us.

    Sincerely, etc.

    Btw, I wrote the individual who had been so informed and requested that they correct the information posted on Facebook, as well.


    (It made no sense and I was quite stunned by the initial, bogus report, as were several friends with much more acumen than mine. They were taking the matter seriously and that prompted me to ask about it here.)

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