Keep Your Powder Dry, Guys and Gals

By that I mean don’t answer any questions from the poll-takers or the media operatives. Keep them guessing right up ’til voting time. So many of these so-called gurus are calling the election for Clinton already with nary a vote being cast. Smile at them, be courteous and polite but refuse to answer their questions. You have no obligation to do so. At the same time, rest easy because the election result is not in their hands but in God’s hands and He will have the final say.

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4 comments on “Keep Your Powder Dry, Guys and Gals

  1. Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Insists “Undercover Trump Voters” Will Defy the Polls

    Kellyanne Conway introduces America’s “hidden Trump vote.”

    INAE OHAUG. 24, 2016

    Taking a page out of last week’s “says who” denial playbook, Donald Trump’s newly appointed campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is dismissing near-universal polls that show the Republican presidential candidate is lagging far behind his rival Hillary Clinton.

    Conway’s logic, which she explained in an interview with the United Kingdom’s Channel 4 on Tuesday, relies heavily on supporters she described as “undercover voters” who will inevitably break their silence and vote for Trump this November. These voters, Conway reasoned, will click for Trump in online polls but are currently reluctant to admit their political leanings to pollsters. So why won’t they speak up?

    “It’s become socially desirable, especially if you’re a college educated person in the United States of America, to say that you’re against Donald Trump,” Conway said. “The hidden Trump vote is a very significant proposition.”

    When asked if she could provide numbers for this invisible population, Conway quickly deflected. “I can’t discuss it,” she said. “It’s a project we’re doing internally. I call it the undercover Trump voter, but it’s real.”

    • Kellyanne is a very professional individual and I take her at her word. She did not join the “bimbo” movement of “conservative” women ten and more years ago.

      She was a very good pick to run the campaign and I think Trump will win.

      Never in history have so many “undercover” GOP registered voters shown up at the polls in the primaries.

      Meanwhile, Hitlery Merkel Clinton’s 2016 turnout was down some 20% from her original flop in 2008.

  2. I’ve been a Trump supporter since June of 2015 when he declared his candidacy for President.
    Is he perfect? No
    But he’s a breath of fresh air compared to the establishment NWO neocon Republican puppets in the media, in the party itself.
    In my opinion, whether he will win or not will come down to the debates.
    The corrupt and biased main stream media of course is in the tank for Hillary.
    Yet If Trump can stay on message and focused, while clearly exposing Hillary as the corrupt, lying evil fraud that she is (and her foundation is) without biting for Hillary’s and the moderators (whoever they are but I’m sure they’ll be no fans of Trump) trap questions and zingers then I think Trump will win.
    I agree Trump has a huge silent majority which is not showing up in the corrupt media’s fraudulent polls.

  3. Trump is an ogre and a cad. I’ll vote for him, then come home, throw up, have a drink, and immanentize the eschaton.

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