How was we to know she’s a nun!

Cops: 2 Massachusetts Women Charged with Stealing Nun’s Rosary Beads

Two Massachusetts women have been charged with robbing a Roman Catholic nun of her rosary beads at knifepoint.

The nun, a member of The Daughters of Mary of Nazareth Convent, was walking down the street dressed in secular clothing Sunday at 2 p.m. when one woman approached her and tried to take her bag, Mass Live reported.

The nun told Vanessa Young, 26, that she didn’t have any money but did notice that Young allegedly had a knife in her hand, police told The Boston Globe.

The nun opened her bag and showed Young the contents of her purse: rosary beads, a key, and a small token.

Vanessa Young took the contents of her purse while Crystal Young stood guard, The Globe reported.

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One comment on “How was we to know she’s a nun!

  1. I am surprised that Breibart had to be “politically correct” and not tell the whole story, which we have to get from British sources (such as the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph) through the outlier Catholic Online: Lesbian couple rob a NUN at knifepoint …

    [Not a random robbery:] Police say Vanessa (left) and Crystal Young, who are married had in their possession a number of items that had been stolen during a previous house break-in.

    The victim was a sister at the Daughters of Mary of Nazareth convent (pictured) but was wearing civilian clothing at the time [Is the good Sister one of those on the right end of the middle row?]

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