Already Counting Their Chickens

Clinton Camp Already Counting their Chickens.

The big-spenders and false Catholics are already counting their chickens before they hatch. I think they are in for a rude awakening come election day. And the pollsters who are now giving Clinton a huge advantage will have egg on their faces if I read the tea leaves correctly. Donald Trump may not be the most diplomatic candidate but he is head and shoulders (both literally and figuratively) above Clinton in terms of business acumen and ability to lead. He tends to tell it like it is and offers no apology for speaking the truth. On the other hand, Clinton lies whenever she is asked to defend her actions and even has a closet muslim (Huma Abedin) as one of her most trusted advisers. But, there is the hidden factor of Our Lady in the mixture who advises her subjects how to act. She will ultimately defend us from this wicked woman who comes straight out of Satan’s lair. She will whisper in the voter’s ear and there will be the grinding and gnashing of teeth among the Left.

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One comment on “Already Counting Their Chickens

  1. Hillary, Stop Measuring the Oval Office Drapes Quite Yet


    [She’s ready to move into the White House, has picked her transition team (mainly close confidants and Obamites, headed by a pro-Trans Pacific Trader – so much for trying to out-Trump Trump on that issue), is selecting her executive staff and cabinet members (an equal number of men and women as well as other “diverse” individuals – including LGBTers), and is drafting her first executive orders as well as her “first 100 days” legislation]

    Published Sunday, August 21, A.D. 2016 | By Donald R. McClarey

    The Los Angeles Times daily Presidential Tracking Poll today shows Trump two points in the lead. All other polls show Clinton still ahead but with a closing gap between her and Trump. Remember, in August the horserace numbers tend to be unimportant, but the direction can be significant. The Clinton campaign and the mainstream media have been selling the narrative that Trump is a maniac who is a terrible candidate and this race is over. It clearly isn’t, and they had better come up with a new line of attack because this one has passed its sell by date.

    Update: Nate Silver at 538 is seeing what I am seeing:

    A number of these polls show no change. But where there have been shifts, they’ve been toward Trump, particularly in the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times tracking poll, which now shows a 2-point lead for Trump after having Clinton modestly ahead before, and in Pew Research’s most recent poll, which has Clinton with a 4-point lead as compared with the 9-point lead Pew showed her with before the conventions.

    You can, of course, pick apart the individual polls if you like. The USC/Los Angeles Times poll makes some unorthodox methodological choices; I happen to like some of these choices and dislike others, but overall, they produce a poll that’s significantly more Trump-leaning than other pollsters. And I’m not sure anyone should be crowing about Zogby Analytics polls, which have been highly inaccurate historically. But there are ways to adjust for these things, and they don’t obscure the fact that the trend in national polls has mostly been toward Trump.

    Go here to read the rest. He is correct that most of the state polls don’t yet show this tightening. However, I have long been a believer that state polls tend to lag behind the national polls but usually ultimately follow them. Why this is, no one knows, and some dispute, including Nate Silver, that this isn’t what happens. However, I have seen too many national races over the past half century where state polls have lagged behind national polls not to believe that this is a fairly common occurrence.

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