The Mark Shea Show: The Saddam Hussein of the neo-Catholic Blogosphere

The Mark Shea Show: The Saddam Hussein of the neo-Catholic Blogosphere

Posted by TTC (The Tenth Crusade) on Thursday, August 18, 2016

Is there any faithfully-practicing Catholic left in Blogosphere who hasn’t called out Mark Shea’s fatwa? [For example, a recent one at LifeSiteNews: Jason Scott Jones’ Mark Shea would lie to attack pro-lifers, but not to save Anne Frank or babies]

It’s nearly unanimous: Shea is a bigger horse’s ass than Donald Trump on his worst day [We’re not sure about Hillary, because hers is bigger than any horse’s].

He must be feeling his foundation starting to crumble again – he’s responded to the rock Jason Jones has just flung between his eyes.

He’s dusted off the crack pipe [on his Patheos pathetic blog I’m sorry to see Jason Jones is mad at me].

He says he supports prolifers. Absolutely. It’s just that as the arbiter of blogosphere for the CDF, when he pronounces a war as unjust, or when the government turns over evidence for him to make a judgment on how they got info out of mass murderers, etc., when people disagree with his pronouncements, they’re in a state of moral sin.

He’s got parts of the Catechism we are not privy to. He’s the magisterium for the parts that have never been published.

Accordingly, he was appointed to set our priorities and we’re screwing them all up. Prolifers say “Who cares” about the “rag heads”, “kick all the Mexicans and their brats”…

I won’t bore you with any more of his screed.

It is seriously the rant of a mentally and spiritually ill person.

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