Mark Shea Fired From the National neo-Catholic Register

Mark Shea Fired From National neo-Catholic Register

Posted by tancred on Friday, August 19, 2016

Edit: in an official statement today at the National Catholic Register [see text in comment below], professional Catholic, Mark Shea has been let go from his position because while his contributions to their paper met editorial expectations, his online presence elsewhere was not charitable. How about heretical? It’s still a good move and we applaud the Register for finally seeing the light after many long years.

Apparently, attacking John Zmirak, and slandering him was a bridge too far.

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6 comments on “Mark Shea Fired From the National neo-Catholic Register

  1. At last!
    Someone, hopefully, is starting to realise that this man is NOT a spokesman for the Catholic Faith.


    The Register is no longer publishing blogs or commentaries submitted by Mark Shea. Mark’s writings at the or published in our print edition were within our editorial guidelines. However, his writings and engagement on other forums were irreconcilable with our editorial vision or standards of charitable discussion.

  3. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  4. There is a need for a course for converts to modernism who aspire to online papacies. Being a Catholic is not the same as playing D&D. The details and particulars involved in the difference should be explained carefully. In the old days, his priest should have performed an intervention quite a while ago. At the very least pay attention to other Catholics and seek advice.

    There is still time for reform and a firm purpose of amendment. St. Augustine and St. Paul had some misadventures before their careers took off…

    “Oh, no, I’m not quite through yet…”

  5. Posted by TTC (The Tenth Crusade) on Sunday, August 21, 2016

    Shea’s Post-Mortem Conspiracy Theories



    A lot going on there.

    Still can’t own up to the fact that nothing but his own conduct is responsible for this ending.

    Of course people forgive conduct. That doesn’t mean your qualified to continue to run a Catholic Apostolate at EWTN.

  6. Still ranting in irrational outbursts, smearing and anathematizing Catholics. Tough case.

    Part of the problem may have been a failure to understand how the teaching on abortion applies to politics as well as a failure to grasp Catholic sensibilities in Catholic culture. Fortunately, there is a cure for that problem. It’s called a Catholic education. There is still time to look into that.

    The abortion issue in this year’s presidential election in the United States requires an exercise of reason and rational prudential judgment, not the knee-jerk emotionalism of the NeverTrumpers’ virtue signaling. There are still Catholic colleges and high schools which teach enough about natural law and Thomistic philosophy to find one’s footing in the exercise of reason and prudential judgments in the world of reality. That would provide a good remedy for these anti-Catholic outbursts. Conversion should include embracing the Catholic teachings on natural law and prudential judgments on the abortion issue in politics. That is essential for becoming an informed, sound, and educated adult Catholic. It might also provide some help in avoiding accusations about a lack of charity in future exchanges on this controversy.

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