Russian patriarch pays tribute to Fidel Castro

Russian patriarch pays tribute to Fidel Castro

[His Beatitude has further compromised his credibility as a critic of decadent civilizations and leaders]

Catholic World News – August 18, 2016

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church offered “cordial congratulations” to Fidel Castro on his ninetieth birthday.

The Communist leader ruled Cuba from 1959 until 2008.

“For the past years you have gained a precious experience of public administration and a great authority both inside and outside your Motherland and have written your name in the chronicle of both the Cuban and the world history,” said Patriarch Kirill of Moscow.

“To a considerable extent it is through your personal participation that friendly relations have been established between the peoples of Russia and Cuba,” he added. “The Russian Orthodox [Church] is grateful to you for the attention you give to the Orthodox Christians in Cuba.”

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2 comments on “Russian patriarch pays tribute to Fidel Castro

  1. This is an example of “Pastoral” action. The Patriarch is simply praising Raoul for his managerial skills. There is the hope that a man such as Raoul Castro can be converted. And sometimes praising a sinner for virtues he sincetely does have, can bring him closer to listening. There is no mention or indication that doctrinal concerns were compromised. By contrast, Francis always uses an opportunity to promote and praise virtues that are lacking. Francis especially praises people for their LACK of the virtues of Chastity and Prudence. And Francis likes to raise gingoist rhetoric to incite and promote class struggle.

  2. On the other hand, this could be an example of a Communist-government-sponsored Patriarch praising a murderous despot who enslaves his people and imprisons dissenters, taking advantage of the Catholic cover provided by Pope Francis to more boldly give the appearance that Brothers Castro and their Communist dictatorship are the next best thing to paradise on earth.

    Lies and more lies! Francis and Benedict are just as guilty. Anyone who gives the least accommodation to commie pigs and their Hell holes deserves the reward that commies receive.

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