Pro-Abort Chicago Politician Marches in Catholic Procession

Pro-Abort Chicago Politician Marches in Catholic Procession

[If he did it in “good conscience,” then it’s OK with Abp. Cupich, who marched with him last year]

by Maxwell Douglas • ChurchMilitant • August 17, 2016

CHICAGO – A Pro-abortion politician was honored at the August 15 Assumption Procession in Chicago. Saint Jerome parish, an historically Croatian Church, celebrated the 107 Velika Gospa Procession by inviting Cook County Commissioner John Daley as a dignitary.

In a ChurchMilitant exclusive interview with 11th Ward Republican Committeeman Carl Segvich, the procession has become, in his words, a “parade” and has lost all “spiritual significance.” Segvich said there is no longer a Catholic identity. “You are processing with an image of Our Lady right next to honoring pro-abort John Daley.”


John Daley hails from the Daley family, which has been a Chicago political dynasty. John’s Father, Richard J. Daley, was mayor from 1955–76, and John’s brother, Richard M. Daley, was mayor from 1989–2011.

As state senator, John Daley was pro-life, but in 1992 he left behind Catholic teaching. According to Segvich, “[John] serves as the Finance Chairman of Cook County’s annual $6 billion budget. He uses Catholic citizens’ taxpayer dollars to continue to kill pre-born babies … for 24 years and counting.”

“The story is this,” Segvich said, “By marching in the Catholic parade, Daley ‘hoodwinks’ the unwitting conservative Christian vote. By being publicly in favor of abortion, Daley ‘hoodwinks’ the unwitting liberal vote.”


Last year Daley marched with Abp. Blase Cupich of Chicago, a prelate who has downplayed and minimized the atrocity of abortion, comparing it to social justice issues. “[Pro-lifers] should be no less appalled by the indifference toward the thousands of people who die daily for lack of decent medical care; who are denied rights by a broken immigration system and by racism,” he wrote in an op-ed in response to reports showing Planned Parenthood was trafficking in aborted baby body parts.

Ironically, the mother of lifelong politician Daley said in a 1975 interview, “I’ve always felt it was better to have the babies on your knee than on your conscience.”

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  1. He “personally supports” Catholic parish Assumption processions as a private matter of subjective faith and belief, just not politically, right?

    The evil of progressive modernism is there for everyone to see. Would anyone expect anything different from a diocese with a liberal progressive modernist as its bishop?

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