Pittsburgh: Mass attendance down 40% since 2000

Pittsburgh: Mass attendance down 40% since 2000

[“We need to do more of the same to get more of the same”]

Catholic World News – August 18, 2016

Commenting on sobering demographic and financial trends, Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that “the number one priority has to be, ‘We need to make our worship better.”

“Second of all, we need to do the best job that we can to get not only more ordained leaders, but we really have to open up lots of doors for the lay leaders of the Church,” he said.

Since 2000, diocesan Mass attendance has declined by 40%, and K-8 Catholic school enrollment has fallen by 50%.

The newspaper also reported that nearly half of Pittsburgh parishes are the in red, compared to one-third in 2012.

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3 comments on “Pittsburgh: Mass attendance down 40% since 2000

  1. See, folks, as I’ve been saying, it’s all about money with doctrine and dogma thrown out the window. Sad, really sad.

    • Yes, money is more important than opportunity for Mass especially on major feast-days; for example, from a recent bulletin of the parish in my neighborhood (I go elsewhere):

      Monday, August 15th is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This year it will not be observed as a Holy Day of Obligation [because it falls on a Monday, and the faithful (or rather, the priests?) shouldn’t be burdened with the obligation of Mass two days in a row], so there will be one Mass that day at 8:00 AM [although when AmChurch made this concession, they suggested that parishes schedule extra Masses on such days]. If you still use the Holy Day envelope and make an offering, it will be very much appreciated and help us with the lower summer collections. Thank you!

  2. The clergy scandals probably have played some role. Some “experts” will claim that millennials and Gen X liberals are less religious and buy into the New Atheism. There is some of that. Have those doing research in the apostolate considered how the decline in Catholic identity at Catholic colleges and universities affects Mass attendance? Maybe they should start doing that.

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