Contrast: Western Leaders & China/Pope vs. Putin

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6 comments on “Contrast: Western Leaders & China/Pope vs. Putin

  1. Pray that commie priest orders are invalid.

    My, my. How perestroika has warped the dynamic. Europe is quickly becoming a socialist atheist concentration camp while Vlad poses as Christian. Add Tim Kaine, Pelosi, Pope Francis and the liberation theology marriage destroyers, and the picture becomes very clear. As even Chaput showed his true colors, all you self-absorbed promethean neopelagian recidivists can take the clear message that up is down, black is white, and we are outcasts, both in the Church and in society. Things are deteriorating quickly.

  2. Actually, Rome has never declared Orthodox Orders, Confession, Baptism, Divine Liturgy, etc. to ever have been IN-valid, despite eight centuries of schism.

    Canon Gregory Hesse, STD, STL, of most felicitous memory and Secretary to Cd Stickler, (THE “go-to Eminence” on Liturgy at the Vatican in the 1980s) during two of Fr. Hesse’s 15 years serving in the Vatican, made no bones about the issue of traditional relations with Moscow, Athens, etc. He said in at least one conference that the Orthodox, like Jews and protestants, are still “enemies of the Church” because of their deliberate rejection of the papacy, heterodoxy, etc.

    Nevertheless, he also made very plain that they DO provide valid Sacraments.

    And, Cyprian, before I posted the video I was in communication with someone who is deeply involved in Catholic Tradition and with numerous contacts in Eastern Europe, including Russia.

    I was informed by this absolutely reliable source that Putin is a regular penitent in the Orthodox Church and has been for some time.

  3. I’d take Putin any day over any current Western leader.
    And I’d take Kirill over Bergoglio any day too.
    Yes, Kirill is a schismatic but Jorge Bergoglio is IMO through his words and actions an apostate.

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