Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative.

Trump is already being discounted by the liberal media but that is a huge mistake. I believe he is getting ready to unveil his “trump card” which is his business acumen. Think, for example, if Trump were to announce that he is not waiting for the entrenched politicians to solve the crisis in America’s inner cities but that he will begin building the equivalent of “Trump Towers” in every city that has inner strife – places like Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc, and that the construction jobs will be offered to those in need – the poor, the unemployed, the forgotten members of society. He will announce that he’ll begin lining up tenants to these towers from among the many CEO’s who have taken their businesses overseas because of the horrendous taxes that previous administrations have levied upon such businesses. He will announce to them that his tax proposals will be the basis upon which they can plan, build, recruit and deliver the products America wants free from governmental interference. He will announce that these jobs are for working-class Americans who have born the burden of America’s decline in the world ever since the “American Dream” became America’s nightmare. He will then introduce the “builder” of whom he spoke recently who built great structures in Mexico and who will be leading the first project in the US here in Milwaukee.

Now this is, of course, only a proposal for Mr. Trump to consider and it may not be to his liking. But, it has within it the ingredients for success and it only takes a person with business acumen to figure it out and flesh-out the details. It is a way to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative in today’s political debate but, more importantly, a way to truly help those who need help the most. After all, what else is he going to do with the billions he has accumulated in this glorious country?

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One comment on “Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative.

  1. A private sector program such as you describe, Colonel, WOULD be a sound objective.

    You should contact the campaign’s HQ. I like the idea and I’m sure many others will, as well.

    The two problems I’d see are finding folks with the skill packages needed for such work from among the target population (although that’s surmountable) and the track record of public housing conditions under Section VIII – which have inevitably ended in slums.

    A few pilot projects, overseen by Trump’s own key corporate execs, to test feasibility, might prove me wrong (and I’d be glad were it to be the case.)

    I watched a 2012 video from the Hoover Inst. last night about Pat Buchanan’s bestseller on the suicide of the West. Throughout his discussion, the cultural disintegration of America since the 60s was a recurring theme.

    That, too, would play into the overall prospect of success of such a program.

    But I still like the idea and, given sufficient “logistical” support through education reform, a major re-industrialization on our home soil and the re-establishment of the rightful prominence of authentic Catholic social doctrine ( the pre-Vatican II variety, ) such an effort could succeed at the local level.

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