An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

In recent years I have gradually acquired the conviction that no brakes will be put on the ever-accelerating decline into chaos in the Church, as long as:
1) Catholics are tainted with the heresy of Universal Papal Infallibilism, which, among other problems, has led to a foolish nice-guy attitude toward the *person* of the pope.
If the refrigerant of papalatry were purged from the blood, a salutary outrage would naturally come to the fore, but it will remain impotent if
2) There is no *outlet* for the outrage; no clear and simple means of expressing it in a way that will be productive.  Thus far, what outrage there is has been directed inward; it has been mainly just Trads complaining to Trads; cursing the darkness.  The energy dynamic has to shift from centripetal to centrifugal force.

If this is true, it would seem that — especially at this critical juncture, when the extremely scandalous stupidities of Pope Francis have even shaken the normally invincible UPI (Universal Papal Infallibilism) of “conservatives” among the hierarchy — what is needed is support from the laity.  Otherwise the conservative hierarchy will despair, and fold under pressure.  And although it’s true that a significant number of “conservative” laity has also been galvanized into reaction, I would say their support of the conservative hierarchy will not be sufficient unless it takes a very public form.  And so it has occurred to me that a street protest movement needs to arise.

This movement would organize a demonstration against the pope whenever he visits any major city, and it would deliver the shortest, simplest and most irrefutable messages possible, illustrating the direct contradiction between the spirit of Pope Francis and that of Christ and His Church.  (For example: Francis: “No one can be condemned forever”  Jesus Christ: “Depart from me, you cursed, into EVERLASTING fire” Mt. 25:41, or, Francis Refuses Obedience to the Popes. Refuse Obedience to HIM.)

I will mention in passing that there could be a sort of cyber wing of this movement.  It would utilize much of the same materials of the street protest wing, but it would bring them to bear in the internet domain, stealing a march on the liberal Social Justice Warriors.

There is much more that could be said, but I am simply attempting here to get an idea if this notion sparks up any fire.  Is this an idea whose time has come?  To put it another way, would YOU participate in such a thing, if it arose, and you had the means, or if you would not or could not participate, would you be glad to see others doing so?

This is my first post, so I apologize if I’ve violated protocols in any way.

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4 comments on “An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

  1. Well, frustration can lead to all kinds of problems. Although, I find yours understandable in a purely human sense, “niceisnasty.”

    Pope Francis is actually only the most newsworthy example of a grave disorder that set in as far back as the pre-Renaissance era (some would argue as far back as the Ninth Century.)

    Popes enjoy plenipotentiary power. Which isn’t the problem with Francis. It’s part of the job description. It’s also been recognized since the days of the Church Fathers.

    Which, of course, means, when we come up a cropper, all you-know-what breaks loose.

    The Church’s steady, staid response has always been to ride out the storm, make sure that the truth is widely preached from pulpits and inculcated into seminarians on their way to the pulpit and to pray, fast and do penance.

    Respectfully, I doubt public protests would accomplish anything. Even if there were many, all over the world (which is utterly doubtful,) the 99.9 : 0.1 ratio of Nervous Ordeal Catholics today vs. Traditional Catholics would result in the former merely yawning, rolling over and going back to sleep.

    From the mid-19th century until 1914, and even in lesser ways, until 1958, very solid, truly Catholic popes fought valiantly against liberalism. And they lost.

    Vatican II, which I often refer to as the “un-council,” of was a violent revolution within the Church. Without a majority of well-educated orthodox bishops to oppose it, it swept up not only the Latin Rite but, in certain instances, even some of the Eastern Rites. Such events do not self-correct until they have completely burned themselves out.

    And we are, I suspect, not even close to such a moment. And won’t be for at least another two to five centuries. The damage done is beyond comprehension or historical comparison.

    Meanwhile, just as St Benedict accomplished extraordinary things with the simplest methods, all founded on deep prayer and labor – resulting in the transformation of not only authentic Christian life itself but European society, as well – so must we.

    • Two to five centuries? Dude! Pessimism is soooo unbecoming!

      I’m hoping on one century. Not that that helps much in the case of us old fogies.

      I agree with niceisnasty that we need to get more uppity, but I’m not sure of the best course. Maybe leaflet N.O. parishes? Maybe going after bishops, but you’ll never convert the bishop and uneducated pewsitters will just take scandal. It’s a dilemma.

  2. I appreciate the replies, and the thoughtfulness that went into them.

    Gpm, I am right with you in favoring the “Benedictine Response”. It has been many years since I gradually arrived at the understanding that the contemplative vocations are, as someone said, the batteries that power and sustain the active vocations. I’ve seen, both in myself and others, too often and too much, this notion that “I need to use my great ideas and talents so save the world”.
    Vainglorious foolishness.
    And even if one realizes that one’s ideas and talents, so far as they are truly good, come from the Source of all good, rather than oneself, that notion, though not vainglorious, remains foolish, for experience shows that you may speak with the most cogent and irrefutable logic, but sinners, who by definition love themselves and their own ideas more than Truth, shall continue to will not to see. Then too, many souls are, quite frankly, simply lacking in the necessary intelligence or even common sense to comprehend certain truths. God must first have mercy on them, reach into their souls, and either *wrench* them away from their perverted self love, and/or give them the light they lack.
    It is at that key moment that the prayers and penances of souls that do truly love God come into play, for God, out of love for such souls (in combination with sheer mercy), may then be inclined to do the wrenching.
    That said, if there is no one out there doing the active part, do we not have a problem? As it is written: “The harvest indeed is great, but the labourers are few. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send forth labourers into his harvest.” It seems Our Lord does indeed put prayer first, but one purpose of prayer is to stir up active vocations.
    To each his own proper calling from God. We need both contemplatives/penitents and active preachers.
    And I do not think we should have any concern for good results. Ours is just to do the best we can do, so far as we can see what the best is, even if in the end — just as many good popes up to Pius XII found — our best is not good enough, because the eternal divine plan has decreed “failure” for us. It won’t really be failure. I don’t think I need to explain why.
    It seems to me that the supposition that Novus Ordo people will yawn and go back to sleep is a concern for good results. On the other hand, Cyprian’s assertion that the uneducated will take scandal is a concern that *bad* results will come from such a project, and I’d say that kind of concern is legitimate; the first rule of a physician is ‘do no harm’.
    However, I did not mention that the ultimate purpose of such a movement would *not* be to get the pope to convert, or resign, or least of all just stir up trouble. The first purpose would precisely be to educate, and/or just cause people to start *thinking*. If the heresy of UPI, and many other modern heresies, is sufficiently exposed, that could prepare the ground for reform that would come later — perhaps much later. The very “radicalness” of true Catholic doctrine, when posited in terms of short, clear and dramatic contrasts between the Faith of all time and the “faith” of the Modernists, even if it were not sufficiently shocking to wake up all the dead souls, would, I think, awake some. We all have heard stories of remarkable conversions to Tradition, and quite often not from the Novus Ordo, but from Protestantism, etc. And is it not conceivable that certain of the famous Protestants who converted to the Novus Ordo would rather have converted to Tradition if they had only been made aware of its dangers? The problem then would not be in that the N.O. pewsitters are uneducated, for the purpose is to educate them. The question would be: What manner of doing so would be most tactful and effective?

    For the record, I am not trying to sell anything here. That would clearly be in contradiction to the statement I made about the foolishness of thinking that one’s own “great” ideas are of any value.

    God bless, NiN.

    • Terrific response, NiN.

      I refer you, if you can find it, to a piece by Ed Faust from years back. He simply stated that all his efforts to teach, to explain, to contrast, to exhort, etc. among the liberal unwashed seemed to have been utterly in vain.

      And he’s one of the most eloquent writers in the galaxy of fine writers inhabiting Trad-dom! So, one can only imagine how well he spoke to individuals, even family, when he really got going, one on one.

      My own experience is pretty much the same. And I think the reason folks become Trads is that it’s a grace, unmerited to be sure, just as a very savvy friend told me many years back.

      That doesn’t mean to imply that being a Trad is any kind of ticket to Heaven. Not at all. No doubt, not a few Trads have fallen into serious sins against both charity and even wandered off into heresy, all because they listened to themselves instead of practicing mortification and prayer (and I mean by that SERIOUS mental prayer in the manner written of by the great masters, such as St John of the Cross and St Teresa of Avila.)

      That sort of prayer, married to fulfilling one’s duties of his state of life, can lead one to accomplish much – though it may never be known by him in this life – and is at the heart of the Benedictine remedy for a fallen world and a Church undergoing tremendous upheaval.

      I strongly agree with your desire to get the word out but I caution against having high expectations of success beyond what we’ve already seen, even here on AQ: An occasional movement by one or another soul out of the delusions of the NO and into a serious study and praxis along the lines of traditional Catholic orthodoxy.

      The more one can “get the word out” to as many as possible, the better. And certainly, opposing error even were it committed by a pope, NEEDS to be opposed with hard facts based on Sacred Tradiition and the Perennial Magisterium. That has been the task of AQ and other Trad websites for quite awhile, now.

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