Don’t Call Them Protesters…

Don’t call them protesters; they’re hoodlums, scumbags, anarchists and the lowest of animals. They rob, kill and take their anger out on innocent people. They despise authority and by that I mean lawful authority. They even teach their children to take advantage of the situation and loot the stores owned by “the Man.” What happened in Milwaukee last night gives testimony to the fact that our nation is in the hands of the Devil and his henchmen. And, don’t you dare try to co-opt their anger and lawlessness as the legitimate expression of African-American beliefs. No, no way, my friend, that’s not the way to protest. God knows what is in their heart and He will be their Judge. In the meantime our weak-kneed politicians will continue to give them a pass when they should, at the very least, be in jail for their crimes.

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